Friday, March 06, 2009

wow-what a friday!!

Okay so first..Brooke had an inhome evaluation from the infant/toddler program today. She is 4 months ahead in her fine motor skills, but 6 months behind in her gross motor good and bad. Then I babysat for my good friend while she got her home ready for visitors. Meanwhile i baked this carrot cake.
After I was relieved of my extra charges I headed to the school to turn in Amber's kindergarten registration and to pick up Whitney. Then headed to the bank to find out that Joe's boss had post dated his check-so that was a wasted trip. Then off to the grocery store to get some odds and ends. After dinner, I bathed the kids. I had just taken Brooke out of the bath and got her dressed when Whitney comes out of the bathroom dripping wet and says the words that no mom likes to hear "Amber is puking in the bathtub". Yup-and guess what she ate for dinner-JUST SALAD. So you can imagine. I quickly switched bathrooms-got the girls cleaned up and in PJ's and in bed. Then continued to clean up the fun mess. Pretty much I cleaned with Comet from top to bottom the entire bathroom-just to get rid of that smell. Now that I had a moment to myself-I snuck to computer to find out that I won this giveaway!!! YEAH!!--See Mary it does happen more often than you think it does. WOO HOO-So that just made my tiring day a little more fun!!!


The Perkins said...

hey Arin--I just caught up on your blog. I visit but dont always leave comments. I tend to think that everything I have to say is LAME:)
oh and totally sorry about the puking thing!!

Mikaela said...

Holy cow what a busy day! Way to end it in style, courtesy of Amber! Yucky! I seriously cannot handle puke. Luckily, McKay's only puked once, really...knock on wood!