Monday, October 31, 2011

Trick or Treat!!

  Pirate Trevor, Witch Whitney, Ice Dragon Amber and Fairy Brooke!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy Halloween Everyone!!

Okay so tomorrow is my favorite holiday-Halloween! I just love the Autumn and we've had a wonderful fall day today-it's perfect.  The kids are really excited to go Trick-or-Treating and get dressed up in their costumes and I'm even more excited because I finally have a working camera again!  So here are some pictures we've taken lately: 
On Monday we invited other families to do FHE with us. The missionaries gave our lesson
and afterwards we mod-podged pumpkins.  This one is Whitney's!

Here's the line-up outside our house!!
Every Year we rake our neighbor's leaves-the girls love this!!
He is getting so big-and soon will be wearing glasses, 
 I wanted to take a picture of him before his transformation
 into Clark Kent!..he he

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Twilight -group costume

 Jakob Bella and Edward 
I think they look cute!
There is one more picture I want to add once I get it.

Monday, October 17, 2011

On the Medical side of things.....

Wow-so October was our dr/dentist appointment month.  All kids had their well visits/flu/immunization and dentist visits. During the dr. visit  for Brooke we discussed how she walks and her flat feet and it was decided to get her fitted for inserts by a specialist-so that appt. was made.  We found out Brooke will need surgery on both her feet since her talus bone is dislocated and her heel bone is vertical-just a deformity she was probably born with.  Most children are diagnosed with this when they are newborns-because of the stiffness or non-flexibility of the feet. Brooke however has a lot of flexibility so this was not caught until the foot surgeon watched her walk and looked at her x-rays.  So Nov 14 is her first surgery-they will move the bones in place and put in temp. pins to hold them there until they heal and they will make incisions up and down her achilles tendon to lengthen it as well.  She will wear a splint to start with and when all swelling goes down will be fitted for a cast.  Then when that foot heals-they will do the other one.   On a side note-Brooke also gets to go see the Bowel clinic next week..oh joy! I cannot wait until she is accident free!
Trevor went to the eye dr and we now know that his right eye is nearsighted
(-9) and he will need glasses.  Later the dr. wants to do some patching to strengthen that eye and she thinks his eyesight will improve a little bit as he grows older. So this week we also get to try to get him in to pick his glasses out.  It has definitely been a crazy month so far and I hope there aren't too many more surprises around the corner.  I feel exhausted already just thinking about it.
Other news:  Last Saturday were the girls' last soccer games.  They both did great!  Whitney scored a goal and her team won finally for the first time 8-6 against a team they had previously lost to 6-1. She has worked so hard and it was so fun to watch the team work together. I was so excited for my team and so happy they won their last game!  Amber has turned into a real aggressive player and has scored 3-4 goals this season!! Way to go Red!

Friday, October 07, 2011

Holy no posting batman.....catch-up

Yikes it has been a long two months since I last posted.  Life has been crazy.  School started, soccer started, dr. appointments galore, surgery for Joe, etc.  Well now things are starting to slow down just a bit.  One more week of soccer and that is three evenings a week i will now have free!!  Whitney's has been trying really hard to do well on her team-but it's such a mixture of attitudes that they have a hard time working together. It is hard when she is one of the best players on the team-and she is doing most of the assisting.  I am looking into putting her into a more select/competitive league next year...guess i had better save up now.  Amber scored two goals her last game and she is pretty aggressive about playing. It's good to see her running up and down the field without getting too winded-but she's more motivated this year.  It really is fun to see them both progress in many ways.  Whitney will be playing basketball in the winter and we haven't decided if Amber will too.  Brooke started preschool last month-we do a co-op with her friends and she loves it. She went to see the foot/ankle surgeon yesterday and we discovered she will need to have surgery done on both of her feet.  She has vertical talus-so will get one foot done at a time to correct that.  She is off the charts on her height and i get comments asking me if she is two years older than she is.  Trevor started walking in August and since then has had a few head bruises to show his fearless efforts at running.  He likes to make noises and talk..he is looking like a toddler now.  I wish i could post pictures of all that's been happening and how my kids are growing, but our camera died on us while on our oregon trip and we haven't yet replaced it.  Besides being Whitney's soccer coach, I have been canning and trying to de-clutter the house a bit.  Right now I am busy with getting Halloween costumes together-it's one of my favorite times of year!!  I love the fall and sweater season-the crisp smell in the air and the glorious colorful leaves right before they fall.  This is the best time of the year-Autumn.  I even made some pumpkin pies on Wednesday to celebrate-and because Amber and Joe begged me to!  A fun Halloween Share: