Monday, September 29, 2008

Mutton Bustin' Cowgirl!!!

Whitey got to do some more mutton bustin' at a local rodeo here. She did very well and got third-there was more than twenty kids-so that's not too shabby. She got stepped on by the sheep when she feell off, but she's tough-not tears. She was dissapointed that she didn't get first though-she's already competitive. I think had she not had a soccer game right before she might have had more energy to stay on longer. She played almost the entire game since they were missing half of their team-only one person to sub in. As soon as she was done we were racin to the rodeo and got there just in time for her to ride. Grandma and grandpa were able to watch her events and so that was fun and special for her. Here is the video from Saturday and from Last years' mutton busting. I wasn't able to get her whole ride on one of them -due to the fact I was holding two cameras -but this is the one i could upload. Enjoy>

Last Year:

Last Saturday:

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Ode to a Chevy...

We had to sell you, sad but true
the day you left our faces were blue
the gas mileage you gave wasn't your best feature
and we had to downgrade to something much cheaper
Your future is filled with alot more fun
Camping with a zoologist in the arizona sun
With rugged terrain that can't be beat
i doubt you will miss screaming kids in your backseat.
Fear not that we will forget you silverado
Joe's a pickup man-gotta be chevy-that's his motto.
So in years to come watch for us on the highway
We may once again be crammed in a pickup-but not today.

Okay, yeah, we sold our truck a week ago-my husbands baby...sad sad sad-and yesterday we bought a minivan. I warned you in my last post that it was coming. I was so certain that we'd always have a truck-since usually for Joe's line of work, he needs one. With this new job of his, however, he doesn't-so we opted to have more room for the kids and lower gas mileage with the trade-especially since he now commutes 20-30 minutes there and back. I like the van-it's a 2005 Sienna -only 23k miles on it-so it should last us a long time. The kids definitely have room-it seats 8!! It will totally come in handy when driving the 16 beehives around for young womens. It has been nice to have a truck the last few years for so many reasons. Great when moving, the kids fit better in it's backseat than the cars', Power in the engine, 4wheel drive during winter in spokane was critical when driving up and down the hill where we lived, it was fun to drive-it always reminded me of when joe and i were dating (he drove a '95 then-and he let me drive it too). Joe sums it up best when he said yesterday: "That was a sweet truck." I guess if we start having withdrawals-myself included-we can go test drive a brand new one on date night???

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Whitney's First Soccer Game!

Whitney had her first Soccer game today. Their team name is the Broncos-I know very original. The score was like 7-0 and we lost-it didn't help that we scored on ourselves for the first one. After that it went downhill. The kids did have fun and the coaches now know what to work on with them. Half of her team is girls and most of her teammates haven't ever played before so i thought they all had great attitudes, considering they didn't really know what they were doing! I had fun cheering them on and more fun watching the other parents-its entertaining. I have now become a soccer mom. Next will be a minivan-can't i wait. Anyway here are some pictures i promised to post:

Here she is in all her glory-pigtails whippin in the wind and long legs moving!!

Don't you just love her pink shin-gaurds. We can spot her anywhere on the field.

Girl Power - Whitney passes it to two other girls on her team.

She was so excited to be number six because that's how old she is!!

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Will they win on your ignorance??? I hope not.

When I registered to vote again after moving back, I was asked whether or not i wanted to vote by absentee ballot. I said No Way. Now that is just my preference because I really enjoy going to the polls and voting in person-it makes me feel more aware that I make a difference by showing up and getting counted. I haven't voted for everything I could have in the past including school funding and city council but I always try to stay informed so that if I can, I make the best choice for myself when I vote. And with November around the corner i want to say to all who read my small little blog...go and learn of the candidates who are running for our President. If you don't know much about them...ask questions, go to their local campaign offices (or e-mail). This election will be historic no matter who wins-but most important is the choice you voice and preparing yourself to sound it true to your own character and what you believe in. Go and learn and be a proactive voter this November.