Monday, May 23, 2011

Another Home Cleaning Tip.

Okay so have you ever run out of dryer sheets and had a load just sitting in the wash waiting to go in the dryer?? I have to say that has happened to me quite a few times. This occurred to me yesterday-Sunday and ofcourse I wasn't able to go to the store so i set about finding an alternative. Ofcourse i googled and here is what i found out that other people use to eliminate static and soften their laundry:

1. Throw in Tennis balls (newones-not ones that have been used outside or as a pet toy-obviously)
2. Just throw in 1/4 -1/2 cup white distilled vinegar in the last rinse cycle in the washer. Some women put it in those downy balls-so they don't have to wait around for that cycle to come up.
3. Dilute fabric softener in some water -soak a clean sponge in it, wring it out and throw in dryer.
4. Put 2-3 balls of aluminum foil in dryer with laundry.

I did #2 because it was the most convenient thing i had on hand..and it really did well. Except on our whites-everything was soft but still some static. All in all still a good way to keep laundry going.

I've heard somewhere that dryer sheets are made of animal fat-if you are into animal rights-then please use the above ideas!! The Vinegar is also a great way to help remove any soap residue lingering on your clothes.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Who does he really look most like ??

Okay so my take on Trevor is that he looks like both my husband and me. Most people think he looks most like Joe-because, well he does look similar to Joe and he is a naturally I think that is the conclusion they come to. So I thought I'd let you all see Trevor next to me and Joe as babies and let you guys decide based on the pictures. (I don't have a scanner so our "old" pictures may seem a bit grainy as I had to take a picture of them with my camera. )