Friday, June 27, 2008

We've come Back Home.

Okay so we moved back into our house on Monday. It was a good move-very fast...we just decided last Friday to move and packed up everything on Saturday and then left on Monday. It is so great to be back in a house and I almost cried when we walked in the door, I was so happy. Joe had a job interview yesterday and is at another one as I type this so that is promising. Things are really looking like they are coming together for us here in the place we consider our "home". My friends from our ward had the house ready for us when we got here with sleeping arrangements and breakfast-which was really nice since we got here at 1:30 a.m. and were sooooo tired after the 9 hr drive. My roses got a good dose of TLC yesterday from me and are looking a lot better. Hopefully my yellow ones come back completely. Did I mention I am so happy-if you ever need an instant high-just live in 900 sq ft with three kids for ten months then move into a house twice that does a lot for ones constitution. We were very sad to leave sister in law Jess and her family though. We were hoping to be able to do alot of fun things with them this summer and wish her the best on her mini-iron man--although I may still come up if i can afford to-so I can cheer her on. She will do awesome. And on a final note the winner of my blog giveaway is "Angie and Jake" I know a certain little girl will be excited for some more hair decor!!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Whitney's Birthday

Whitney turned six years old yesterday!!! It was a crazy day for everyone. Brooke had had her six month shots the day before so was a bit cranky all day. I was going mad trying to get everything arranged for her party-and ofcourse Whitney was so excited. Dad gave her the first present when she woke up-a brand new bike. Whitney's party was a little sad as really only two of her friends made it and her cousins-she started crying. And ofcourse, Brooke was fussy and crying and to top it off- Amber started puking. COULD a CHILDS BIRTHDAY GET ANY WORSE??? After we came home, daddy took her out to ride her bike and then I took her over to her best friends-who couldn't come to the party due to lack of transportation. She spent about an half hour there, opened her present from Madison and I left with the feeling that her birthday might have not been such a horrible mess after all. Thank goodness-it was a rough day for everyone-especially Daddy-but that is a story for a future post--so stay tuned!!! Thanks to my friends Ginger and Jared who decorated Whitney's birthday cake.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

100th post giveaway

So I have seen other people do giveaways and thought it was about time i did. And I can't believe it has taken me this long to actually get to my 100th post, but here I am. Well if i lived where everyone else did, then I would give away a few free ballroom dance lessons for you and your designated partner. But since I don't I will be giving a pair of matching hair bows similar to this-sorry for those of you that only have boys-i am sure they would make a great gift to someone. Just post a comment and then I will draw a name out of a hat (the old-fashioned way of randomly picking someone)to decide the winner. Deadline is midnight June 21.

Make room for the Babies

So in my ward, we had three women give birth in the last ten days. The mothers room was packed-actually it's just a little part off the bathroom with one rocking chair in it and a folding chair. We had to add two more folding chairs and were sitting elbow to elbow nursing our babies with one lady on the floor-and there were still four other nursing moms not in attendance. So my question is this, with 9 nursing moms(and 2 more due in sept)would you ask for a larger temporary mother's lounge to accomadate the growing mass of new mothers? And who do you ask that kind of question to?? Have any of you had a similar situation in your wards??

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Whitney graduates from Kindergarten!!

Whitney had her kindergarten graduation program today-it was alot of fun to watch all of those 5-6 year olds singing. Most were overexcited and only a few bashfull. Each of them had a part in it- Whitney got to do the chicken dance with Isaiah. Here is whitney doing her chicken dance during her kindergarten program(she is in the black/red dot dress):

Now she is on to first grade (She is in the backrow in the middle):

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Feet Fascination!!

Brooke :Counting my piggies.

Look what I can do!!

Feel that stretch!

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Cute Hair bows!!!

I just wanted to share with everyone about these hairbows that you can buy online. My girls love having their hair put up in their bows and it has really made doing their hair easier and I feel that their hair always looks nicer with them in. Really makes getting three girls ready for church a whole lot less stressful. Well if you have girls you know what a hassle doing their hair is. So look and enjoy-I have a link to the website listed under my links too!

Monday, June 02, 2008

Saturday outing

This is another example that nothing really interesting is happening in my life at the moment.
We took the girls to a white elephant store on Saturday and bought this stomp rocket for them to play with. Their cousins have one and they really enjoyed playing with it so we got them one of their own to fight off their boredom. I think White elephant stores are a little on the crazy side myself-their two main ticket items are toys and guns. Is that strange to anyone else? Later that day I got a new phone -a pink one. I know I never really thought I'd ever get one a different shade other than black but well it's happened. Sometime it's nice to feel a little feminine-and the girls love it. Although I do laugh whenever my DH uses it.... A little like GIJOE using Barbie's phone.