Monday, June 02, 2008

Saturday outing

This is another example that nothing really interesting is happening in my life at the moment.
We took the girls to a white elephant store on Saturday and bought this stomp rocket for them to play with. Their cousins have one and they really enjoyed playing with it so we got them one of their own to fight off their boredom. I think White elephant stores are a little on the crazy side myself-their two main ticket items are toys and guns. Is that strange to anyone else? Later that day I got a new phone -a pink one. I know I never really thought I'd ever get one a different shade other than black but well it's happened. Sometime it's nice to feel a little feminine-and the girls love it. Although I do laugh whenever my DH uses it.... A little like GIJOE using Barbie's phone.


Em & M's said...

We went in a white elephant store once and they had great prices on games! Sounds like fun, even if it was because you were bored. I can relate with the pink phone. In high school I never wore pink, but now I've come around to it. I got a pink phone a few years ago and I agree, it is nice to have something more feminine. The reason I got mine was so it wouldn't be the same as Matt's!

Jake and Angie said...

I couldn't get a pink phone because Kyrah would think it was hers, and steal it. Se thinks anything pink is hers. Can you believe it? Of course she also really good at tackling people.