Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Okay so I have always thought that we don't pay much for our dsl/phone service until I talked to a friend who gets Skype for $4 a month??? What? Where have I been?? Okay so I was just wondering if I am the only one that still lives in the prehistoric era of wires and am just wondering really how much can I save by going the wireless route and using Voip?? OR is is something that evens out after you factor in the special phones you have to buy wireless modem, etc. What are your opinions and who have you had the greatest service with. I am curious and wherever i can save a buck-I will, so maybe I will switch who knows?? So those who are more tech savvy-let me in on your secrets and if it does save you money.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Suggestions Please..

Okay so I am just shy of the 3 months mark..yipee!! I know I have plenty of time to prepare-but really I don't. Because we aren't finding out what we are having gender wise, and because we haven't had a boy yet-we have nothing for a little man if that is what baby is. So we will be scrambling from the hospital buying all boy stuff if that is the case. Plus I can't really set up nursery for gender specific and all the girls' stuff is pink/purple. I want to know what you other moms have done to prepare for a surprise in gender and what has worked the best. So far I plan on having four outfits for the hospital 1 girl, 1 boy, and 2 neutral (in 2 different sizes)-just in case. We already know we have to purchase a new carseat and packnplay(with bassinet)- and will be on the lookout for any neutral colors. I am leaning towards brown-because I can contrast it with pink for a girl-but alone would work for a boy too. But beyond that-I haven't done much in my thought process for preparing for baby's arrival. But one thing is for certain- I will definitely want a baby shower afterwards if it is a boy-especially with tons of suggestions for raising one. So tell me all your ideas and what you or someone you know has done?

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Last of the sickies....

Okay so the title may have been a little misleading--I am not done with the morning sickness but I have decided this is going to be my last post regarding how sick I have been feeling. I just wanted to give an update how the last week has gone using the vitamin B complex w/unisom. So I do feel a bit better-I can actually function around the house instead of just laying in bed all day. I did have a few bad days last week-but kept most of everything down so that is an improvement-plus I have been able to eat more than just crackers/toast. Night time is still the worst time for me-it's difficult to sleep. When the older girls are at school and Brooke is napping-I do the same. Still I cannot wait for the next full night's sleep I will get before this baby comes-because after that we all know I won't have any for a while. I will keep up with what I am doing and I am really hoping that by week 12 I will be done with this for good. Well I can hope right?? So as promised I am done talking about how cruddy I feel and for now on will only post about family matters and life beyond my miserable stomach.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

A description of my morning sickness........Relief in sight!

Okay so normally a person wouldn't consider it a good day if it started out with dryheaving in the bathroom for the first five minutes. But I am not the "normal" pregnant woman. I get the severe type of morning sickness which makes me feel sick all day for months and months, and yes-I do empty the contents of my stomach when it is necessary. And actually it doesn't make me feel any better. For those of you who are TTC forthe first time-don't let this scare you-it's really not what most women experience. Here are my symptoms:
1. All day nausea
2. Excessive saliva
3. Excess bile in the stomach-which upsets my stomach-(makes me feel like i have acid reflux)
4. My head and stomach continually feel on fire
5. Sporadic headaches
6. Extremely high sensitivity to smells-even my own children smell to me sometimes *sad I know*
7. Fatigue
8. Body Aches

Well i thought I'd stop right there-that gives you all a general idea of what I have been feeling like 24/7. So after not keeping any thing down this last weekend, with all the medication I was taking, I decided to do more research on a more natural method. I had a friend who had some good results with vitamin b6/folic acid shot. I called my dr and they don't offer them. SO this morning as I was picking up some papaya mint chewables that are a natural antacid that are safe for me to take, I found a liquid B-complex vitamin with folic acid which is supposed to be the equivalent of the injection. So I took that with 1/2 a unison plus my psi bands and chewing on papaya mint tablets and i am so happy to report that it feels like it's working on my system. My nausea had decreased to the point where i was actually able to clean the bathroom and do two loads of laundry!!! So I feel like I am functioning better today compared to the past days. Hopefully this continues to work. At least I have felt some relief-I am so excited!!