Thursday, April 29, 2010

Save and EARN money by using coupons!!

I joined Inbox Dollars about a year ago. It is a site that pays you a few cents for viewing e-mail messages they send to you. You can also earn cash others ways such as taking surveys..but my favorite COUPONS!! Okay so most people know that I am a big couponer and I use for most of my internet printable coupons. Well if you sign up for inbox dollars-you can print coupons from directly from their website and for every 10 coupons you print and use they will pay you $1. I am so excited about this because now not only will I save money by using coupons, as I always have...I will also get paid to use them as well. So visit Inbox Dollars and get signed up and pretty soon you will be earning some extra cash doing the things you do anyway.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

ZOO trip

Since the weather was nice this last Saturday we decided to take the kids to the Zoo. It was quite different with Brooke walking now and an extra child (trevor slept the entire time in the stroller). Ofcourse Brooke wanted to ride the carousel and since that wasn't going to happen-she's not tall enough anyway, we had to find many ways to distract her. You would think the animals would be enough. But every time we walked by the carousel it was meltdown maintenance. It is so smart of the zoo to place it where you have to walk by it at least three times if you want to see all the animals...I mean seriously. Anyone else know what I'm talking about?? After the third tantrum we were so ready to be done with the day and our two year old. The giraffes are new to the zoo since the last time we visited.
At least they have this cool giraffe slide.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Who's bright idea was this anyway???

So there is a reason why you don't put carpet in bathrooms. I just spent the better half of my morning extacting water from my bathroom floor. When we bought the house, one of the things I had wanted to do first was replace the flooring in the master bathroom. Picture this..beneath the toilet there is vinyl...then the area around the sink and leading to the walkincloset is carpet..then there is a tiled step area in front of the bathtub. So we are talking three different types of flooring in this room. Well the reason for my flooding issue began last night. The faucet to one of our sinks broke-so that it was difficult to shut the water completely off-unless you wiggled it a certain way-plus the drain was really slow. So Joe and I decided we would use the other sink (there is two in each bathroom-something I do love about the house) until we could fix the other faucet and clear out the drain. Well I think I should have told the children to not use mommy and daddys bathroom because when I got home from dropping the kids off at school-I heard some dripping and investigated. Sure enough-the sink was overflowing and water was running off the counter and onto the carpeted floor below. Needless to say my morning hasn't been fun-and I still haven't had breakfast yet.

Monday, April 12, 2010

The problem with babies is...

They are just so adorable and sweet and warm and cozy that they make you forget all about the terrible 9 months of uncomfortable morning sickness, back aches, swelling, emotional days, and everything else that goes with being pregnant. Just holding this new little one makes me want to have another one-I know I am CRAZY. It tends to run in my family....

Saturday, April 10, 2010

First week of life

Our little glow worm (on the bili blanket)All siblingsTuckered out from dr. visitsFound his thumb already-hope this isn't a permanent like.Big sis feeding baby bro.

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Look what the Easter Bunny brought us!!

Trevor Watson
Born April 2
8 lb 15 oz
20 in long The Story: Early Friday morning around 2 am my water broke-or more truthfully-it slowly started to leak. Having had my water break with my first two-and this one being significantly more subtle-I wasn't sure myself if I was in labor-especially since by noon (10 hours later) I wasn't feeling any contractions. I called my Dr and he said to go on down to Labor and Delivery at the Hospital just to make sure. So we got to the hospital at 12:30ish and soon find out that yep-my water had broken and I was taken away to get hooked up to some Pitocin. 2 hours later finally started to feel some contractions and by 4 pm they were increasing. By 7:30 I decided to get my epidural-which didn't work right and the anesthesiologist after several attempts to get it to work better put in another one around 9:15. 9:45 finally feel my epidural kick in-but guess what ?? 15 minutes later time to push. 10:15 Joe caught our little or shall I say big bundle of boyness. 2 weeks early and this lad weighed in at 1 oz shy of 9 lbs. Good thing he decided to come when he did right??
The Pictures:First BornHis WeightCould this Father Grin any Bigger??Eyes openVisitors (Grandma and Grandpa with sisters)

Family at the hospital

Today he's home don't you love the dimple??