Monday, April 19, 2010

Who's bright idea was this anyway???

So there is a reason why you don't put carpet in bathrooms. I just spent the better half of my morning extacting water from my bathroom floor. When we bought the house, one of the things I had wanted to do first was replace the flooring in the master bathroom. Picture this..beneath the toilet there is vinyl...then the area around the sink and leading to the walkincloset is carpet..then there is a tiled step area in front of the bathtub. So we are talking three different types of flooring in this room. Well the reason for my flooding issue began last night. The faucet to one of our sinks broke-so that it was difficult to shut the water completely off-unless you wiggled it a certain way-plus the drain was really slow. So Joe and I decided we would use the other sink (there is two in each bathroom-something I do love about the house) until we could fix the other faucet and clear out the drain. Well I think I should have told the children to not use mommy and daddys bathroom because when I got home from dropping the kids off at school-I heard some dripping and investigated. Sure enough-the sink was overflowing and water was running off the counter and onto the carpeted floor below. Needless to say my morning hasn't been fun-and I still haven't had breakfast yet.


Megan said...

So sad :( I hope you get it all fixed up. We are house hunting right now and am amazed at houses with carpet in the bathrooms and kitchens. Who came up with that! What an awful idea!

Melissa said...

I hope your able to get it all cleaned up. I grew up in a house where the MAster bath was carpet. It was awful. I think my mom HATED it. (the kitchen was carpet too!)