Tuesday, November 22, 2011

What is paparazzi??

Okay so I am sure a few of you are wondering exactly what is Paparazzi??  Okay so Paparazzi is the name of the accessories that I sell.  I am an independent consultant for Paparazzi and I sell accessories for women of all ages-that's right girls too!!!  There are necklace sets, earrings, bracelets, rings, hairclips, headbands and jewelry for kids too!!   I started 2 1/2 weeks ago and love love love what I do.  The pieces are so much fun to wear and  super cute and fashionable.  Here are some of the reasons why I love this:

1. Everything is $5 or less-I cannot tell you how many times I get a surprised reaction about how affordable the accessories are!  "You're kidding-the necklace along with the earrings are $5 together for both?? WHat?? Love that!!

2.  I love how Guilt Free ladies are at my parties-when they only spend $5-10 on jewelry that make them feel fabulous about themselves -and they didn't break their budget!

3. This stuff is so fantastically fabulous that it makes whoever wears it, feel beautiful.   Building Confidence in Women is so much fun-and rewarding-I love to see them try on jewelry and see their spirits lifted and just feel amazing about themselves-knowing that they look great and it didn't cost a fortune!

4. There is no sales pitch-big demonstration or anything-I set up my accessory displays-everyone comes to shop and socialize and it's like shopping in your home or at your friend's house with no crazy retail associate hovering over your every relaxing and so much fun!

5.  Girls can join in too!  This isn't just for the adults-Mommies can bring their daughters and all the kids jewelry is only $1.  I don't mind counting the pennies either-it just reminds me of my own little girls and how they save their money for something special!!  They don't feel left out or have to be sent out of the room  to go play-they are included and have so much fun!!

Okay I could go on and on and on about additional things I love about Paparazzi! What a great business opportunity it is-and so easy too! If you want to host a party-let me know!!  And if you want to become a consultant and join the partay-contact me and I will answer all your questions- OR if you are one of those self motivating people like me...(I signed up online on my own) go HERE and click on "become a consultant" button and enter my sponsor #2672 to get started and join my team!!  It's the most incredible opportunity that you will come across and you will love IT!!  
This hair clip-has a broach pin on it so you can wear it on your shirt/dress/purse/wherever you want to!!!

Tuesday, November 08, 2011


Thursday, November 03, 2011

Trevor's Glasses

Trevor got his glasses today and I can tell you this boy did not want to wear them.  This first shot is me-holding his hands to prevent him from taking them off.

The trick, which someone told me-was to keep his hands busy.  Distraction is one of those essential tools that all moms have in their arsenal-so we went for a little walk outside-and then to the backyard to play some basketball!  Eventually it got cold and we came inside and dinner had to get on the table-and spelling tests practiced for, among other household off those glasses came at first opportunity.  Oh well. At  least he had them on 45 minutes tonight.We will shoot for an hour tomorrow and keep increasing until he's used to them and starts begging to wear them. I think he looks super adorable!!
These are Miraflex glasses in case you are wondering-pretty indestructible for little just to keep those lenses clean enough so he can actually see out of them.......not looking forward to meal times.

Methinks he looks like my dad/ uncle Earl in the one to the right, anyone else think so?

Monday, October 31, 2011

Trick or Treat!!

  Pirate Trevor, Witch Whitney, Ice Dragon Amber and Fairy Brooke!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy Halloween Everyone!!

Okay so tomorrow is my favorite holiday-Halloween! I just love the Autumn and we've had a wonderful fall day today-it's perfect.  The kids are really excited to go Trick-or-Treating and get dressed up in their costumes and I'm even more excited because I finally have a working camera again!  So here are some pictures we've taken lately: 
On Monday we invited other families to do FHE with us. The missionaries gave our lesson
and afterwards we mod-podged pumpkins.  This one is Whitney's!

Here's the line-up outside our house!!
Every Year we rake our neighbor's leaves-the girls love this!!
He is getting so big-and soon will be wearing glasses, 
 I wanted to take a picture of him before his transformation
 into Clark Kent!..he he

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Twilight -group costume

 Jakob Bella and Edward 
I think they look cute!
There is one more picture I want to add once I get it.

Monday, October 17, 2011

On the Medical side of things.....

Wow-so October was our dr/dentist appointment month.  All kids had their well visits/flu/immunization and dentist visits. During the dr. visit  for Brooke we discussed how she walks and her flat feet and it was decided to get her fitted for inserts by a specialist-so that appt. was made.  We found out Brooke will need surgery on both her feet since her talus bone is dislocated and her heel bone is vertical-just a deformity she was probably born with.  Most children are diagnosed with this when they are newborns-because of the stiffness or non-flexibility of the feet. Brooke however has a lot of flexibility so this was not caught until the foot surgeon watched her walk and looked at her x-rays.  So Nov 14 is her first surgery-they will move the bones in place and put in temp. pins to hold them there until they heal and they will make incisions up and down her achilles tendon to lengthen it as well.  She will wear a splint to start with and when all swelling goes down will be fitted for a cast.  Then when that foot heals-they will do the other one.   On a side note-Brooke also gets to go see the Bowel clinic next week..oh joy! I cannot wait until she is accident free!
Trevor went to the eye dr and we now know that his right eye is nearsighted
(-9) and he will need glasses.  Later the dr. wants to do some patching to strengthen that eye and she thinks his eyesight will improve a little bit as he grows older. So this week we also get to try to get him in to pick his glasses out.  It has definitely been a crazy month so far and I hope there aren't too many more surprises around the corner.  I feel exhausted already just thinking about it.
Other news:  Last Saturday were the girls' last soccer games.  They both did great!  Whitney scored a goal and her team won finally for the first time 8-6 against a team they had previously lost to 6-1. She has worked so hard and it was so fun to watch the team work together. I was so excited for my team and so happy they won their last game!  Amber has turned into a real aggressive player and has scored 3-4 goals this season!! Way to go Red!

Friday, October 07, 2011

Holy no posting batman.....catch-up

Yikes it has been a long two months since I last posted.  Life has been crazy.  School started, soccer started, dr. appointments galore, surgery for Joe, etc.  Well now things are starting to slow down just a bit.  One more week of soccer and that is three evenings a week i will now have free!!  Whitney's has been trying really hard to do well on her team-but it's such a mixture of attitudes that they have a hard time working together. It is hard when she is one of the best players on the team-and she is doing most of the assisting.  I am looking into putting her into a more select/competitive league next year...guess i had better save up now.  Amber scored two goals her last game and she is pretty aggressive about playing. It's good to see her running up and down the field without getting too winded-but she's more motivated this year.  It really is fun to see them both progress in many ways.  Whitney will be playing basketball in the winter and we haven't decided if Amber will too.  Brooke started preschool last month-we do a co-op with her friends and she loves it. She went to see the foot/ankle surgeon yesterday and we discovered she will need to have surgery done on both of her feet.  She has vertical talus-so will get one foot done at a time to correct that.  She is off the charts on her height and i get comments asking me if she is two years older than she is.  Trevor started walking in August and since then has had a few head bruises to show his fearless efforts at running.  He likes to make noises and talk..he is looking like a toddler now.  I wish i could post pictures of all that's been happening and how my kids are growing, but our camera died on us while on our oregon trip and we haven't yet replaced it.  Besides being Whitney's soccer coach, I have been canning and trying to de-clutter the house a bit.  Right now I am busy with getting Halloween costumes together-it's one of my favorite times of year!!  I love the fall and sweater season-the crisp smell in the air and the glorious colorful leaves right before they fall.  This is the best time of the year-Autumn.  I even made some pumpkin pies on Wednesday to celebrate-and because Amber and Joe begged me to!  A fun Halloween Share:

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Our 10 year Anniversary Trip to the Oregon Coast!

Okay so here's the story history behind our trip.  Ten years ago today Joe and I were married in the Portland temple.  On the way there,  my brother and his family were in a car accident and lets just say we were kind of in a hurry to get back to see how they were doing .  So we didn't ever do a honeymoon or anything.  And since we haven't been back to the Portland temple since then...well I was determined that to celebrate surviving 10 years with each other-we ought to return and create new memories on a 2nd chance honeymoon trip!! This is the first trip we have gone on that was just the two of us since having kids (unless you count the overnighter in Spokane for a job interview 4 years ago).  So Last Wednesday night we headed to my parents-where we dropped off our kiddos and then we were on our way.  Here is part 1 of our trip-I still have to upload the rest of the pictures...But these are days 1 and 2.  Day 3 will be in part 2 which I will add  later this week-so check back.  Some pictures weren't the best as our camera died on us after half way through day 2 and we had to use joe's ipad from work to take the rest...not the best quality photos..but at least we got to capture some memories!!

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My girls at grandma's house-basking in the sunshine!

Trevor started walking last week too-I will post video of that too in the near future!

Monday, August 08, 2011

Massive Swag Share giveaway August 10th

Cuckoo for Coupons is giving away tons of free stuff...i mean tons..but it's only one day-Wednesday, August 10th.  So I hope you all are ready to be winning some fun things throughout the day.  Head on over HERE to check out more details about this totally crazy and massive giveaway.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Losing weight and winning!!

I have to apologize . I know i was going to be posting my weight loss journey on my blog and well didn't happen. So to summarize it all, here is the break down in numbers:
April 2010
180-what I weighed when 9 months preggos with Trevor
June 2010
160- after I lost all my initial baby and water weight.
August 2010
145- 2 months of pushing myself pretty hard with exercise, drinking lots of water-eating high fiber and low fat.
March 18, 2011-started new diet-high protein, tons of veggies, no-low fat/sugars/carb/dairy.
May 29, 2011
130- 5 lbs closer to my goal!

So the last two months i haven't pushed myself to diet at guess what-I am going to hit it again with hopes of shedding those last 5 lbs. In June I saw a cousin of mine and she was thrilled at how great I was looking and told me i needed to post bragging pictures. I am not really the type to do that kind of thing..but I did promise my sisters that I'd post pictures of 2 Shabby Apple dresses I won. I ordered smaller sizes on purpose-that was my motivation to keep on going with my diet. I wanted to fit into these dresses so badly. Here they are:

Now that I have been released from Young Womens and called to Nursery-
these dresses won't be seeing much church time,
 but I will find other occasions to wear them!!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

What we've been up to lately:

Just a few pictures from the last two weeks

Idaho Falls Visit-fed geese with the cousins!

Went to the Zoo for Whitney's B-day..she got to bring 2 friends.
yep it was just me and these 6 little monsters!
Waiting to watch fireworks!!
And Last but not least: We adopted this black lab named Tessa
The kids love her!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Summer is here...

Joe finally got a job about three weeks ago and so I have finally been able to get a schedule going again. It is really nice because he comes home for lunch and so i still get to see him during the daytime. I was just getting used to the new change-when the stomach flu hit our house and cycled back to hit Brooke twice. Whenever my family is sick-it just puts everything on hold and laundry is the first thing to get backed up. I am so glad that it's finally over and we are all doing better.

The girls finished with Spring soccer and both did fabulous-Whitney scored an amazing shot! Amber's last day for school was last Wednesday and Whitney doesn't get out until this Friday. They will both have summer chores and summer school with mom to do before they get to play for the rest of their day-I think i will let them have one week break before I get started..and also give me a little extra time to prepare. I have so many goals this summer for my family:
  • Finish losing the rest of my unwanted weight
  • Get Amber 2nd grade ready
  • Teach Amber to ride her bike without training wheels
  • Teach both of the older girls to swim
  • Have a second chance honeymoon in Oregon with my hubby for our 10yr anniversary
  • Potty Train Brooke-we are making headway already and I am so excited!!
  • Trevor walking
  • Visit temple as often as we can (before it closes for work being done on it).

At the girls' last soccer games...Trevor just loved sitting in and playing with this box !

Monday, May 23, 2011

Another Home Cleaning Tip.

Okay so have you ever run out of dryer sheets and had a load just sitting in the wash waiting to go in the dryer?? I have to say that has happened to me quite a few times. This occurred to me yesterday-Sunday and ofcourse I wasn't able to go to the store so i set about finding an alternative. Ofcourse i googled and here is what i found out that other people use to eliminate static and soften their laundry:

1. Throw in Tennis balls (newones-not ones that have been used outside or as a pet toy-obviously)
2. Just throw in 1/4 -1/2 cup white distilled vinegar in the last rinse cycle in the washer. Some women put it in those downy balls-so they don't have to wait around for that cycle to come up.
3. Dilute fabric softener in some water -soak a clean sponge in it, wring it out and throw in dryer.
4. Put 2-3 balls of aluminum foil in dryer with laundry.

I did #2 because it was the most convenient thing i had on hand..and it really did well. Except on our whites-everything was soft but still some static. All in all still a good way to keep laundry going.

I've heard somewhere that dryer sheets are made of animal fat-if you are into animal rights-then please use the above ideas!! The Vinegar is also a great way to help remove any soap residue lingering on your clothes.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Who does he really look most like ??

Okay so my take on Trevor is that he looks like both my husband and me. Most people think he looks most like Joe-because, well he does look similar to Joe and he is a naturally I think that is the conclusion they come to. So I thought I'd let you all see Trevor next to me and Joe as babies and let you guys decide based on the pictures. (I don't have a scanner so our "old" pictures may seem a bit grainy as I had to take a picture of them with my camera. )




Sunday, April 03, 2011

Happy Birthday to T-Man

Trevor turned one yesterday-I cannot believe how quick the last year went. Trevor's birthday was super fun. We had family visiting and cousins were everywhere. We took the kids to Bounce inbewtween General Conference sessions, which btw, was amazing-I came away so spiritually touched by each Speaker. It was announce that a new Temple will be built here!!! So neat. Plus I won two giveaways (see I told you his birthday was fun-it was almost like it as my birthday!) It rained a little and there was some sunshine-all in all a perfect weekend-except for the fact that Whitney woke up puking last night. Will someone tell her to stop gettin sick already?? Anyway-Here are just some of the highlights:

Eating Birthday Cake

His hands got a little involved with is forehead on this one.

Presents!!Grandma bought him these stacking toys an the puzzles an keys were from his cousins!!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

First Haircut and MOOsical!

Trevor's First official Haircut

Amber's 1st grade music progam-she is the piggie on the right!

Check her out work'n that broom!

Monday, March 14, 2011

March Madness

So usually with a post title like that I am talking basketball-OH YEAH!! But actually i just feel that Spring is finally coming and with it is the crazy weather we Idahoans have become used to. Rain, Snow, Sun, Wind and hail all in one day. (yes this really does happen here) But above this I have this overwhelming feeling to start my spring cleaning and get everything in order. With 4 kids-it's rather difficult to keep things organized. My husband says i like "piles". Because usually I will sort out everything in piles and then have no where to put these piles...that's really the problem. So I have compiled my wishlist of organization tools to help me out with my future endeavors...then maybe I will get to relax and actually enjoy the REAL MARCH MADNESS INTENSITY and AWESOMENESS!

Paper clutter: I love this idea from Chic on a shoestring... using a decorative basket for a filing system:

And for the Bathroom-makeup or odds and ends-This one is a space saver!

Ooh and for books --they are all over the place all of the time. I like the idea of putting the books together by theme into bins like on the right.And ofcourse my two best friend in this process will be these guys:

Wish Me LUCK!!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Well it's been a crazy three weeks starting off with Whitney getting Strep-she had a fever/sore throat/vommitting-I took her straight in to get antibiotics...which helped her fight the infection but also a week later gave her a bunch of these:

Pathetic girl was itching like crazy-that was a lot of hystamine to knock out her system and it took another week before it cleared up completely. By the time that happened the 24 hour stomach bug hit Brooke-then Trevor the next day and later, unfortunately for her, Whitney again-and Me and Joe. Fast forward a few days and Trevor caught some kind of nasty cold and has been congested/puking some too. Surpisingly enough the one child that we have to remind to wash hands constantly did not come down with anything. Amber has been healthier than all of us. Amazingly enough we had 3 different sets of family visiting inbetween all this mad sickness going around and our dryer broke down on us. I am ready for things to settle down.
Amber's heart hair from Valentines Day!
Whitney playing basketball-she made three baskets at her game on Saturday!