Sunday, February 27, 2011

Well it's been a crazy three weeks starting off with Whitney getting Strep-she had a fever/sore throat/vommitting-I took her straight in to get antibiotics...which helped her fight the infection but also a week later gave her a bunch of these:

Pathetic girl was itching like crazy-that was a lot of hystamine to knock out her system and it took another week before it cleared up completely. By the time that happened the 24 hour stomach bug hit Brooke-then Trevor the next day and later, unfortunately for her, Whitney again-and Me and Joe. Fast forward a few days and Trevor caught some kind of nasty cold and has been congested/puking some too. Surpisingly enough the one child that we have to remind to wash hands constantly did not come down with anything. Amber has been healthier than all of us. Amazingly enough we had 3 different sets of family visiting inbetween all this mad sickness going around and our dryer broke down on us. I am ready for things to settle down.
Amber's heart hair from Valentines Day!
Whitney playing basketball-she made three baskets at her game on Saturday!


NaDell said...

That looks so uncomfortable. Ouch. I'm glad she's doing better now. She's so tall and looks perfect on the basketball court. =)

Gramma said...

Whitney is such a brave little girl. She may have an attitude but she will NEED it to get through this life. She is a very special little girl. Looks like that rash really hurt!! I'm So glad she made 6 baskets in her game... She deserves some great things in her life.
I love Amber's hair!! She has such pretty hair and your styling really is worth the effort!!.... Hugs and kisses to Brooke and Trevor too....Hope he is feeling better.. Love, Grandma..