Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Preview!!! Thrifty costumes this year!

Here are some pictures of the girls in their halloween costumes this year!! I was so lucky to have found the tiger costume at a thrift store for $4 and a friend loaned us the cow costume indefinitely (so nice of them). We had the cinderella costume hanging around from a past halloween -but I have to say Brooke does it better justice than the previous wearer. All in all I was so lucky to only have had to spend $6 total including the face paint for my girls' costumes this year combined with a little bit of sewing to fix/alter whatever was needed!! And I already had everything to make my costume-just needed to sew it together. Turned out pretty cute! Daddy's not yet into the whole "dress" up thing---just yet. Sorry the pictures are grainy-I guess my mem. card was just about full and battery was dying-so hopefully tonight I will get some better ones. But I wanted to show you anyway!Girls playing in the leaves!!! WE LOVE THE FALL!!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

SO you think you can dance is back!!

Okay so my favorite dances from last nights performances were:
Jakob and Ashleigh's Broadway -perfect-nothing bad about this routine, it had everything from both dancers.
Mollee and Nathan's Disco-this disco was so fun and so fast-i can't believe how much energy they had throughout the entire thing. Awesome.
Legacy and Kathryn's Hip Hop totally expected legacy to do awesome but Kathryn killed it-she did such a great job hitting everything so hard.

Hats off to:

Karen and Kevin-She danced circles around him and you couldn't watch anyone but her. Partly this wasn't his fault. I would have put him in a lighter costume as black on black-seriously he is hidden anyway. ( costume choice/lighting/background is important) But he still could have done more to match her.

Ryan and Ellenore Contemporary- I expected more out of Ellenore-performance quality was there and it was such a weird piece that i liked it.

Bianca and Victor cotemporary-It was nice -could have been brilliant if she had better technique like Adam commented on. Liked it, but wasn't blown away.

Just okay for me:

Russel and Noelles fox trot-mainly because he danced with sub Melanie (wish she was wearing a different dress color-too much black in entire routine/background would have like to see it broken up a bit.) I do think he did okay.

Brandon and Pauline: I really think it was such easy choreography and so there really wasn't room for them to impress anyone with this routine-not necessarily their fault, since he only had a few days to learn it. Was forgettable.

Channing and Phillip Jive- I think she did a descent job with her performance-both could have been sharper-If he performed more this would have been really cute.

Arianna and Peters' hip hop-just boring

I think the judged picked the right two to go home-it's who i think america would have voted off.

Biggest dissapointments:
Billy Bell out of the competition.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Yeah 4 months along!!!

Okay so I thought I would let you know that with my system that I am using-I am now able to eat just about anything now. I am super excited about that. I am really hoping that by next month i can completely eliminate unisom and maybe the sea bands. Just wanted to let you all know i have am back among the living again!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Better News

Joe took Amber in this morning and the Dr. said she has an ear infection and a sinus she is on two different antibiotics and I am hoping that truly that is all she has. So YEAH!

Friday, October 16, 2009

THE FLU...Our family lowdown.

Okay so Wednesday night Amber had a fever-and I was a bit concerned about what it would turn into. Thursday-ofcourse she stayed home from school-fever was gone but the whole 24 hour wait before going out in public after a fever business. Then Thursday afternoon slight fever-99...thursday night-runny nose, started to cough, fever continues. By this point we had called the dr. to find out what we should do-bring her in, keep her home and treat her like regular flu...what we should do about me-preggo?? Plus we called everwhere to see when the first avail H1N1 flu shots were available. Not much help there. Friday morning cough is worse and she is throwing up-still no news about vaccinations or whether she has reg flu or swine flu-as they don't want her coming in unless it's really bad. So tonight after more vomiting and slight fever still going on, the Nurse told us to bring her in the morning or tonight to the ER if it gets worse. Good news-My dr. has both flue vaccines in office-got them in today so first thing Monday I will be getting my shot, Whitney will be getting hers at school and hopefully we can find a place to get Brooke one. Bad news-flu may already be in my system which means-if I start showing symptoms-straight to tamiflu i go. So everyone please pray that our family can get through this flu thing. I am exhausted and Joe is starting to feel something coming on. Just hope and pray it's regular flu and not the swine flu-though we know Amber has been in contact with a family that has had a swine flu case in their household. SO please cross fingers it doesn't come down to anything life threatening (especially since Brooke is high risk and I am at double high risk)

Friday, October 09, 2009

Giveaway share!!

So I blog hop to keep up with all of my friends old and new and found this wonderful giveaway share on my friend Brooke's blog. She has a cool friend who makes slings/diaper bags and they are soo adorable. She is giving one away on her Blog-winner gets to pick which one-check it out!!

Visit to see all her fun products.

Thursday, October 08, 2009

My Favorite time of Year!!!

So This is What I've been doing this week: Canning Apples, Applesauce, and Applebutter! YUM!
My house smells like Autumn and the weather is perfect!!