Tuesday, November 22, 2011

What is paparazzi??

Okay so I am sure a few of you are wondering exactly what is Paparazzi??  Okay so Paparazzi is the name of the accessories that I sell.  I am an independent consultant for Paparazzi and I sell accessories for women of all ages-that's right girls too!!!  There are necklace sets, earrings, bracelets, rings, hairclips, headbands and jewelry for kids too!!   I started 2 1/2 weeks ago and love love love what I do.  The pieces are so much fun to wear and  super cute and fashionable.  Here are some of the reasons why I love this:

1. Everything is $5 or less-I cannot tell you how many times I get a surprised reaction about how affordable the accessories are!  "You're kidding-the necklace along with the earrings are $5 together for both?? WHat?? Love that!!

2.  I love how Guilt Free ladies are at my parties-when they only spend $5-10 on jewelry that make them feel fabulous about themselves -and they didn't break their budget!

3. This stuff is so fantastically fabulous that it makes whoever wears it, feel beautiful.   Building Confidence in Women is so much fun-and rewarding-I love to see them try on jewelry and see their spirits lifted and just feel amazing about themselves-knowing that they look great and it didn't cost a fortune!

4. There is no sales pitch-big demonstration or anything-I set up my accessory displays-everyone comes to shop and socialize and it's like shopping in your home or at your friend's house with no crazy retail associate hovering over your every relaxing and so much fun!

5.  Girls can join in too!  This isn't just for the adults-Mommies can bring their daughters and all the kids jewelry is only $1.  I don't mind counting the pennies either-it just reminds me of my own little girls and how they save their money for something special!!  They don't feel left out or have to be sent out of the room  to go play-they are included and have so much fun!!

Okay I could go on and on and on about additional things I love about Paparazzi! What a great business opportunity it is-and so easy too! If you want to host a party-let me know!!  And if you want to become a consultant and join the partay-contact me and I will answer all your questions- OR if you are one of those self motivating people like me...(I signed up online on my own) go HERE and click on "become a consultant" button and enter my sponsor #2672 to get started and join my team!!  It's the most incredible opportunity that you will come across and you will love IT!!  
This hair clip-has a broach pin on it so you can wear it on your shirt/dress/purse/wherever you want to!!!

Tuesday, November 08, 2011


Thursday, November 03, 2011

Trevor's Glasses

Trevor got his glasses today and I can tell you this boy did not want to wear them.  This first shot is me-holding his hands to prevent him from taking them off.

The trick, which someone told me-was to keep his hands busy.  Distraction is one of those essential tools that all moms have in their arsenal-so we went for a little walk outside-and then to the backyard to play some basketball!  Eventually it got cold and we came inside and dinner had to get on the table-and spelling tests practiced for, among other household off those glasses came at first opportunity.  Oh well. At  least he had them on 45 minutes tonight.We will shoot for an hour tomorrow and keep increasing until he's used to them and starts begging to wear them. I think he looks super adorable!!
These are Miraflex glasses in case you are wondering-pretty indestructible for little just to keep those lenses clean enough so he can actually see out of them.......not looking forward to meal times.

Methinks he looks like my dad/ uncle Earl in the one to the right, anyone else think so?