Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Losing weight and winning!!

I have to apologize . I know i was going to be posting my weight loss journey on my blog and well didn't happen. So to summarize it all, here is the break down in numbers:
April 2010
180-what I weighed when 9 months preggos with Trevor
June 2010
160- after I lost all my initial baby and water weight.
August 2010
145- 2 months of pushing myself pretty hard with exercise, drinking lots of water-eating high fiber and low fat.
March 18, 2011-started new diet-high protein, tons of veggies, no-low fat/sugars/carb/dairy.
May 29, 2011
130- 5 lbs closer to my goal!

So the last two months i haven't pushed myself to diet at guess what-I am going to hit it again with hopes of shedding those last 5 lbs. In June I saw a cousin of mine and she was thrilled at how great I was looking and told me i needed to post bragging pictures. I am not really the type to do that kind of thing..but I did promise my sisters that I'd post pictures of 2 Shabby Apple dresses I won. I ordered smaller sizes on purpose-that was my motivation to keep on going with my diet. I wanted to fit into these dresses so badly. Here they are:

Now that I have been released from Young Womens and called to Nursery-
these dresses won't be seeing much church time,
 but I will find other occasions to wear them!!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

What we've been up to lately:

Just a few pictures from the last two weeks

Idaho Falls Visit-fed geese with the cousins!

Went to the Zoo for Whitney's B-day..she got to bring 2 friends.
yep it was just me and these 6 little monsters!
Waiting to watch fireworks!!
And Last but not least: We adopted this black lab named Tessa
The kids love her!