Thursday, January 20, 2011

It finally came to pass...

After sitting for 2 hours straight...Brooke finally went on the potty chair!! Yep it was a double wammy, going both #1 and #2. Some of you may think this just plain idle chatter but at our house it was cause for a celebration!! When Brooke turned 2 I had introduced her to the "potty" chair with not much interest and alot of fighting afterwards. So this has been a non-forced issue but the option was there and offered quite frequently. So we are going to go the no diaper route (except when we leave the house or during sleeping). My biggest worry is that she isn't able yet to feel the urge to go- when she went today, she wasn't really aware that she was going. I was sitting next to her and she too engrossed in her vtech game to notice-I kind of had to point it out to her because I heard her go. For those of you who have followed my blog for a while-you will remember that Brooke had low muscle tone in her lower body. I am wondering now if this could also mean her bladder muscles too might be weaker as well. Anyone else have issues similar to this that caused toilet training delays??

Sunday, January 02, 2011

A new year

With a new year comes new goals..or old ones still unfinished.
Here are just a few of mine so far..

1. Potty train Brooke-she just turned 3, yet she is fighting me on this one.
2. Move Trevor into his own room and hopefully get him to sleep through the night.
3. Get Amber independently reading on her own...this one may be the hardest goal of the year.
4. Lose my baby weight-I was hoping by this time I would have got to my goal but alas-I think once again, I will have to quit nursing altogether before my body decides to shed any more unwanted fat.
5. After goal #4 is completed-I want to downsize my closet-get rid of all clothes that don't fit or that i don't wear anymore.
6. Dejunk the toys that I didn't get to before Christmas.
7. Try to get my housecleaning routine back in the schedule.
8. If #2 happens, I'd like to go to bed by 10:30 every night-i'm a night owl, so this one will be tough.
9. Schedule more playdates for Brooke.
10. Take kids to the park more during the summertime-we didn't go much last year.
11. Go to the Portland Temple for my 10 year wedding anniversary.
12. Visit Home(my parents) at least once.
13. Try to be more understanding and kind about everything.

Like I said before-so far, I am sure I will add to this list.