Wednesday, November 25, 2009

It's SYTYCD time

Alrighty it is becoming more difficult each week to predict who will be eliminated from this competition.
Okay so here is how i ranked the couples after last night:

1. Ryan and Ellenore -These two are so charismatic-they play their parts and perform whatever they are given to their best abilities and it works so well!! Loved their Lindy and Broadway!!

1. Jakob and Ashleigh-Finallly Ashleigh was given Lyrical -so she got to show that she can do both ballroom and also a style that should have been more difficult for her. I still think they choreographed it rather safely still for her-no big jumps/turns for her to do. Still both routines were so Phenomenol!!

2. Legacy and Kathryn-I loved their Jazz routine and the waltz was so beautiful. Only one thing i was dissapointed in was that Legacy's waltz showed his weaknesses and comparing that to the other men dancers-I feel that he is going to be going home sooner than some others.

3. Noell and Russel-Loved their Contemporary-it was the best of the night for me. Just loved this routine so much-so wonderful-I wish it had been longer-i could have watched it forever. Their other routine however the samba-i agreed with the judges..just too airy and not grounded enough.

4. Mollee and Nathan-I actually thought mollee did a great job with the hip hop compared to what the judges thought. Her movement was overall good-just a few places that seemed a bit sloppy. Their can can was amazingly cute and they did a great job keeping me entertained throughout.

5. Karen and Victor-Liked their tango-again she gets' to play the sultry part..blah blah blah. I was expecting it to be just a bit sharper though. Hated their hip hop-i think they weren't together on lots of parts and could have done without the lifts because they didn't flow with the peice.

I think that Mollee and Karen are the two I would put in danger-but again, really comes down to what America thought and how they voted. I am really hoping to not see any of the others go though. For the men..Victor's time is up. He still hasn't drawn me in as an audience to his personality like the others have. While the rest shine on their own-he kind of is in the background. I cannot wait for next week and the change in partners..ooohh the change in dynamics is going to be something to look forward to. Here is who I hope get paired together:

Jakob and Noelle
Ryan and Kathryn
Nathan and Ashleigh
Legacy and Ellinore
Russel and Mollee

These partnerships would really match up least that's if Karen and Victor are gone.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


So lately I have been a little bummed because I haven't felt the baby move much. The Ultrasound tech had asked me if i felt baby move alot and I told her no, not really. It has been something that i've been a little concerned about because with the girls I could feel them move constantly by this point. She said she expected as much because of the location of my placenta is providing extra cushion-so it's normal. I was so relieved by that. One of the things I was looking forward to seeing on the ultrasound was the baby move. And baby didn't dissapoint-in fact when the tech went to it's feet-it decided to give me a little kick. I think it's so cute:

So although-we didn't find out what gender the baby is-it was so much fun to see that he/she is healthy. I will have to do another ultrasound next week because we couldn't get a good picture of the baby's heart-so next time I can let you know 100% that baby is as perfect as we think. And no-going in and looking at baby a second time around won't tempt me to find out what he/she is. Sorry. I told Joe before hand that he needed to be very observant on his own if he wanted to know what it was...luckily baby wasn't forthcoming with any information. Already knows to mind his/her mommy.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Happy Birthday JOE!!!

My hubby turns a year older today!!! Because he didn't get what he wanted for his birthday(If I could have gotten it for him-I would have)- I still hope that he knows how much we love him and that His Birthday Rocks anyway. He is a wonderful husband and father. I appreciate him so much and how he puts me and the kids before himself entirely. Just to let you know how awesome he is-this is his birthday so far today: Got up early and went to work to do inventory. Came home and raked our yard and both of our next door neighbors yard. Yeah on his birthday-can you believe this man?? Anyway-he doesn't expect any grand party and is happy with little things for gifts-am I lucky or what? I know I am. Just another reason why I love this man and I wish that he Has the Best Birthday ever!!! The rest of his day will be a little more fun-we're taking him out to eat with the Kids. Texas Roadhouse-here we come!!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

SYTYCD-This weeks review ..a little bit of sunshine gone.

To be honest I loved all but one routine-kevin and Karens. The entire night as i was watching I kept thinking oh..this is going to be my number 1 pick and then each couple just started to rock their routines. All except for Karen and Kevin's Broadway-this dance should have been so much more exaggerated and bigger and it was way too bland. I just couldn't wait for it to be over.

Loved Jacob and Ashleighs soft hip hop-hit hard and flowed soft and right on-fabulous.
Loved Noelle and Russells Foxtrot-lucky to get it a second time-but she was so gorgeous and they looked like they were having fun and it was so smooth.
Loved Legacy and Katherine's Paso Doble-Stunning-so intense and powerful-YEAH for them!
Loved Channing and Victor's Jazz. -i loved the weird quirkiness of this and the beat so different-i was captured initially by this moving piece of art.
Loved Mollee and Nathan's Pop Jazz-so much fun and hip-totally meant for this young couple to dance.
Loved Ryan and Ellinore's Contemporary-left me breathless-wonderful to see how well these two are doing.

With that said I really was happy to see Kevin go but mixed about Channing getting the boot. I like her more than Karen but Karen has been more consistent-so I am thinking that is why they chose her over Channing. Still, having really loved Channing's solo and her routine from Wednesday night-makes me feel like she went home too early. Karen was getting rather boring with her sultry style all over the place all the time. Channing was just more refreshing. I have to say next week Karen has got to step up because i can't imagine the other girls going home before her...and to pick a guy for next week...really it's going to be hard-but I would say Victor has to step up-or he'll lose the votes.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Thanksgiving Deals at Walmart

Frozen Whole Turkey $.40/lb limit 2
Green Giant Canned Vegitables $.50
Ocean Spray Whole Cranberries $.88
Sweet Potatoes $.25/lb
Stovetop twin pack stuffing $1.50
Great Value Brown and Serve Rolls $.75
Campbells cream soups (mush&chick) $.58 use $1/2 or $1/4 IP $.08-.33
Heinz Gravy 12 oz $.75 use IP $1/3 $.42 each
Swanson chicken Broth 14 oz $.45 use $.25/4 11/08 SS $.39 each
Green Giant Valley Fresh Steamers 12 oz. $1.50 use $.40/1 10/04 GM or IP $.50/1 $1.10 each
Pillsbury crescent or sweet rolls $1.50 $.50/2 or $.40/2 IP $1.25-1.35 each
Reddi Whip 7 0z $1.88 use $.50/1 11/15 SS or IP $1.38 each
Philadelphia cream cheese 8 oz $1.18 use $1/3 11/15 RP $.85 each
Great Value Butter 16 oz $1.50

Crisco Vegitable Oil $2 use $1/1 11/08 RP $1 each

Monday, November 16, 2009

coupon shopping at Walgreens

bought 2 Ricola mixed berry cough drop packages on sale $1.
used 2 $ .50/1 from the walgreens healthy coupon booklet
$.50 each + got $1 RR

Welches sparkling grape juice 2/7
used the $2/5 in ad store coupon + $2/1 coupon from
= $.50 each

4 Aussie Mega Products on sale $2.99
used 4 $1/1 coupon from 10/11 P&G insert
=$1.99 each +got $2 RR

total spent $11.10 including tax received $10 in RR from Aussie Mega and Ricola items
Like spending $1.10 for everything.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Sparkling Grape Juice for the Holidays

Sparking Grape Juice $.50 at Walgreens next week $2.50
Print a coupon here (IE) or here (FF) for $2/1 Welch's Sparkling Grape Juice
Get 'em while you can.

Free Kashi All Natural Granola Bar

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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Awesome Job Whitney!!

So again Whitney was chosen to receive an award in her school-this one on citizenship. I am really happy that she tries to do her best and help her fellow classmates-she is really tenderhearted. Way to go Whitzy!!!
Here are the girls on Halloween night-don't you love the costume change on Brooke?
We thought it would be easiest if she wasn't tripping on cinderella's gown the entire night so opted for the Fairy costume instead.Siting out which house to go to first..hmm.

SYTYCD -my thoughts

Just to cut to the chase here is how I ranked the couples from last night and my opinions about each dance.

1. Noelle and Russell-My favorite dance of the night-maybe my favorite of the season so far-. Loved the energy -I love love love african styled dancing and it was done so perfectly-both of them were so energetic and on beat. Loved her hands when Russel slid down her back leg and the handstand flips were so great. Liked the sequence of her moving behind Russel while he did some sharp hand arm choreography around his torso and head. Altogether such a wonderful routine. I could watch this one over and over and over again. YEAH!!!

1. Channing and Victor- Contemporary-I agree with the judges-it was so nice to see Channing's softer side and I love the story behind it and both did exceptionally well with this new partnership.

1. Ashleigh and Jakob-Jazz-loved this one-Huge 80's music fan-so this really had to live up to the music for me and they were awesome!! Sharp, stayed in character and the choreography was amazing for this.

2. Legacy and Kathryn-Broadway -so I really liked this-even though I could see Kathryn be more vixen like as the judged had wanted her to be. But thought this had so many creative elements to it that I just loved it. Fully entertained the entire time.

3. Karen and Kevin-it was nice and sharp-kind of cheesy cruise style entertainment-but still good.

4.. Pauline and Peter-Quickstep-loved this routine-so adorable but like Mary-yeah they should have been in a better closed position and connection was lost through those parts-so could have been way better.

6. Mollee and Nathan-Salsa- I enjoyed this one-even though there were tons of broken parts-I appreciated it.

7. Ryan and Ellinore-Hip HOp Not together at some points but yes-if he's this big guy and she's more compact-he has to move faster than she does to match really this was stellar considering that. I was bored with the story as Jeannette and Brandons Ruby Blue was similar-not hip hop though. So great-nothing exciting. Too much use of props.

That Pauline and Peter went home didn't surprise me much-I am happy with that because really neither of them have really become too noticeable at this point. The other dancers are each stepping up and demonstrating their characters and personalities more.

It is still a bit early to choose my favorite girls and guys but definitely I am liking Noelle and Kathryn. Can't tell about Ashleigh yet as none of the routines she has done in the past has made her have to do more than what I know she can-so I am waiting for a contem/mod peice before really putting her with the other two. For the guys-ofcourse I like Jakob and Nathan and Legacy/Russell are most likely going to be the underdog guys that I see coming through and winning america over. So can't wait for next week and more dances to help with my choices.

Thursday, November 05, 2009

My emotions crashing down on me.

Feeling OVERWHELMED today,

Maybe it's because my kids don't have school today and tomorrow due to parent teacher conferences. Maybe it's because I am an emotional wreck because of my pregnancy hormones. Maybe it is the struggle I am having getting a hold of Amber's pediatrician to get the referral i need to set up the appointment for her much needed evaluation with the Occ. Therapist. Maybe it's trying to keep my children out of the candy left over from halloween. Maybe it's the constant nagging for a playdate after my kids just spent half the day with the neighbor kids. Or perhaps it that my house can be clean one minute and a disaster the moment i turn around. Maybe it's trying to figure out how to lessen the meltdown moments i have with Amber. Or the fact that I don't get to spend enough time with children A and C because child B is more demanding and what am i thinking to add child D to the situation. Maybe it's the pressure to find out what gender child D is going to be. And the entire sick feeling I am experiencing because of Child D inside my body. Really it's probably all of the above and even more that I can't even express right now. Either I don't have the time or the there is so much going on inside my brain that I can't seperate or focus on any or all of them in the short time I have tor write this post before starting dinner. Here is my real moment of craziness and yes I have crazy days and days where my imperfections follow me until i break. It's all normal right? It's what being a mom is right? But at least I've seen miracles in my life and know that I have my own special mission and it uplifts me enough to think Maybe next year I will go as Supermom for halloween. Yep I am truly CRAZY!!

grocery shopping this week at Albertsons

Okay so I haven't shown much coupons shopping as of late but here goes-w/out pictures even.

Transaction #1
Chex cereal bars $2.49 used 1 free chex bar coupon
3 Lipton Rice side dinners .99 each used $1/3
2 Prog chicken broth $1.49 used 2 $.50/1 coupons
3 betty crocker frosting tubs $1.69 each used 3 $.50/1
2 Chex mix $1.69 each used 2 $.50/1
2 Yoplus delights $2.49 used 2 $1/1
2 Yoplus yogurts $2/49 each used 2 $1/1
2 Pillsburgy Toaster Strudels $2.99 used 2 $1/1

Total OOP after coupons was $21.81 + recieved $15 catalina

Transaction #2

5 Hamburger Helper meals $1.69 each used 1 $1/2 and 1 $.75/3
3 Lipton soup mixes ( no coupons) .99 each
6 progresso soups $1.69 each used 2 $1.10/3
2 Betty crocker cookie mixes $1.69 each used 2 $.40/1
2 Klondike Icecream bars $2.99 each used 2 $1/1

Total OOP after coupons and using $15 catalina $9.17 + received another $15 catalina.

So together I spent $15.98 on 34 items factoring in the catalinas = $.47 cents each item.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

SYTYCD Shocking!!

So i was totally surprised that they choreographed the kiss in Ashleigh and Jakobs waltz routine-can I say that was some pretty good acting and, like everyone else, I wonder what Ryan thought about that. Now being on a dance team before while being married and dancing with other guys myself I can say i always viewed things with total professionalism..but that is a line i wouldn't dream of crossing. I am not sure how married actors do it-no wonder why there are so many break ups in hollywood. With that now said I have to say-it was one of my favorite dances of the night along with the tango that Ashleigh's husband Ryan danced to with Ellinore. So Ballroom dances stole the spotlight for me last night. And Legacy contemporary with Kathryn absolutely blew me away-he is really growing and becoming a better dancer. I guess Stacy is the choreographer that is replacing Mia Michaels and so far I'm not dissapointed.

So here is how the dances ranked for me last night:
#1. Ryan and Ellinore Tango-so precise even with the skirt tangle.
#2. Legacy and Kathryn Contemporary -finally a cont piece that moved me!!
#3 Ashleigh and jakob's Waltz-so pretty and lovely
#4 Mollee and Nathan's Bollywood routine-so cool
#5 Noelle and Russel's Hip hop
#6 Karen and Kevin's- Hip HOp-the dancing was good-parts of the choreography i didnt' like.
#7 Bianca and Victor's Broadway-I really enjoyed this one
#8 Pauline and Peter Jazz-liked it but thought it was a little busy at some points
#9 Channing and Phillip Samba-stumbling here and there-channing definitely tried .

I think they picked the right guy to go home and only felt that Biance went home because the other girls show better potential to perform more variety of dance genres.