Wednesday, November 25, 2009

It's SYTYCD time

Alrighty it is becoming more difficult each week to predict who will be eliminated from this competition.
Okay so here is how i ranked the couples after last night:

1. Ryan and Ellenore -These two are so charismatic-they play their parts and perform whatever they are given to their best abilities and it works so well!! Loved their Lindy and Broadway!!

1. Jakob and Ashleigh-Finallly Ashleigh was given Lyrical -so she got to show that she can do both ballroom and also a style that should have been more difficult for her. I still think they choreographed it rather safely still for her-no big jumps/turns for her to do. Still both routines were so Phenomenol!!

2. Legacy and Kathryn-I loved their Jazz routine and the waltz was so beautiful. Only one thing i was dissapointed in was that Legacy's waltz showed his weaknesses and comparing that to the other men dancers-I feel that he is going to be going home sooner than some others.

3. Noell and Russel-Loved their Contemporary-it was the best of the night for me. Just loved this routine so much-so wonderful-I wish it had been longer-i could have watched it forever. Their other routine however the samba-i agreed with the judges..just too airy and not grounded enough.

4. Mollee and Nathan-I actually thought mollee did a great job with the hip hop compared to what the judges thought. Her movement was overall good-just a few places that seemed a bit sloppy. Their can can was amazingly cute and they did a great job keeping me entertained throughout.

5. Karen and Victor-Liked their tango-again she gets' to play the sultry part..blah blah blah. I was expecting it to be just a bit sharper though. Hated their hip hop-i think they weren't together on lots of parts and could have done without the lifts because they didn't flow with the peice.

I think that Mollee and Karen are the two I would put in danger-but again, really comes down to what America thought and how they voted. I am really hoping to not see any of the others go though. For the men..Victor's time is up. He still hasn't drawn me in as an audience to his personality like the others have. While the rest shine on their own-he kind of is in the background. I cannot wait for next week and the change in partners..ooohh the change in dynamics is going to be something to look forward to. Here is who I hope get paired together:

Jakob and Noelle
Ryan and Kathryn
Nathan and Ashleigh
Legacy and Ellinore
Russel and Mollee

These partnerships would really match up least that's if Karen and Victor are gone.

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