Wednesday, December 02, 2009

All about Dance!!

So here is what I thought about the routines:

Nathan and Kathryn I liked their broadway routine-so sweet and who doesn't love White Christmas. IT was really sweet but I think Kathryn outperformed Nathan and maybe that is why Nigel didn't see the chemistry between the two. Their Rumba was okay-I think Kathryn again did a wonderful job but Nathan just is fading out. He wasn't very strong in this.

Legacy and Ashleigh Their contemporary was so good. I loved the mirroring sequence and also when legacy jumped off of Ashleighs leg-the the energy was there through the entire strenuous routine. I was really afraid of this pairing when I found out they were together and my feelings were justified in their second routine. The hip hop was so boring...arhh. No substance whatsoever.

Russel and Mollee Their first routine,by Mandi Moore was wonderful. The beginning lift was amazing as well as the link of arm throw that Nigel mentioned-it was so awesome. Loved It tremendously!!! And their last routine- the Jive was so fun to these two together.

Jakob and Ellinore Their quickstep was fun-i liked the part they came apart and kept their frame. All in all-it looked effortless.
Their contemporary peice had Sonja written all over it. It was so weird and funky and showcased both dancers' technique. I was intrigued enough by it because of how odd it was the movement-Jakobs flexibility and strength is amazing. He deifinitely is the best dancer on this show hands down. Ellinore showcases her partner really well and I am always drawn away from her because of it. I want her to stand out just a bit more. This is one power team.

Ryan and Noelle hip hop-didn't necessarily love this one. I think it was because the desk hid Ryan alot and maybe his inability to do more. Would have liked to see more side by side work with them. Noelle was just workin it and Ryan played the character well.
I really loved their Waltz-so captivating and soft and romantic. The only thing I would have changed was to pulle Noelle's hair back in some fashion.

Who I think will go based on the performances: Nathan or Legacy for the men and Noelle or Ashleigh -though I really hate to see any of the girls go-they are really all very close.

Who I would like to see go first: Nathan and Mollee

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