Wednesday, December 09, 2009


As usual here is my take on the routines of last night-I've listed them in order of favorite to least favorite:
1. Ryan and Kathryns' cha cha (executed perfectly)
2. Molee and Jakobs Broadway (loved this for so many reasons)
3. Molee and Jakob's V. Waltz (Just wonderful to watch-so fluid through-out)
4. Ryan and kathryn's Disco ( Very fun and would have liked Ryan in a lighter-colored shirt)
5. Russel's Baliwood routine (He is doing so great with every style given him!!)
6. Ellenore and Legacy's contemporary (I think I didn't like the musicality in the beginning)
7. Russel's Hip Hop (I would have really enjoyed seeing Ashleigh in this routine but liked it)
8. Ellenore and Legacy's hip hop (There were some good moments in here that I thought were cool-but Ellenore for some reason-just kind of felt to me that she was trying to keep up with Legacy and was getting left behind)

Based on Last nights' performances I think Legacy is the guy to go home and a toss up between Ellenore and Ashleigh-only because I think her injury may limit her in the finale.

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