Thursday, November 29, 2007

Snow and Sleds

We got some more snow last night and when Joe heard the forecast, and being the great dad that he is, he had to go and purchase a sled to play with-I mean for his kids to play with. Anyway it's those little things that remind me how much I love him. He loves to see his kids get all excited-he can't wait to open birthday presents-He has to give his presents first thing in the morning-which is good that Christmas present opening is in the morning (unless it falls on sunday and we have morning meetings). So the kids are super excited to play with dad- and dad is anxious to buy yet another sled before that happens. With all that said, I almost feel obligated to post now so you all aren't wondering if I am in the hospital. If I don't post for three -four days you will know that baby has finally decided to come out of hiding. And ofcourse some of you lucky ones, will get phone calls with all the details.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Snow arrived-Baby didn't or hasn't yet.

We got snow last night and the girls woke up to a few inches and were so excited. I bundled them up early so they could play in it while we waited for Whitney's bus. We are supposed to get more snow on Thursday so we will look like a wonderland soon. Whitney can't wait for there to be enough for a snowman...I just keep thinking about road conditions and hoping that Joe doesn't try to speed when it's time to get to the hospital-it's been his habit in the past-even though we have tons of time to get there since i am such a slow laborer. I got a Dr. appt today so maybe we won't have much longer to wait. At least if my water breaks in public people will think the poor woman just fell down on the ice-j/ the giant belly isn't a dead giveaway. Anyway just thought the girls looked so cute-had to take pictures and share.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Full Moon??

Well we managed to not have the baby yet-we got past Joe's birthday and Thanksgiving. I was afraid that I'd be in the hospital during one of them since our past history shows that I usually go to the hospital on a holiday. Joe keeps looking up at the moon-says it's almost full and is thinking that maybe that will put me into labor-but then he also wants me to wait until monday to have this girl because then he can take all next week off. It's funny how we really don't have much control over these things.

My doctor says if i am ready that he will induce me on tuesday- but I have never been even close to ready when my other doctors have given the same reply. I go in and am not dialated enough or even effaced and to make matters worse my cervix is way in the back-so usually i have had to wait for nature to take her course. I really wouldn't mind if the full moon actually kick started it all off-anyone else hear of such a phenomenon? Oh and I really don't want to go to church and face all of the looks and remarks about how big my basketball is getting-(there is a picture so you can all see for youreselves) and when is this baby getting here? It's like you've all been through the same frustrating end of pregnancy, can't wait for it to be over feelings-why ask me the annoying questions you wish you could have avoided when you were me. Well with any luck next time I post I will have a little bit of heaven sleeping next to me.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Brrrr....It's getting cold

So our forecast for the next week is high in 40's with lows in the 20's. I am feeling it already since we've had some rain off and on too. Whitney keeps complaining about having to wear long sleeved shirts but I am pretty ruthless about keeping her warm. And no, i don't dress her up like the poor kid from the "christmas story" movie...that would be joe, if he ever got her ready to go outside. I mean he will just layer the girl to the point of no movement if i didn't intervene. It's really funny how he is more paranoid than I am about germs and keeping the kids warm. My one comfort is knowing that after he piles five blankets on the kids at night-they are both big enough to kick them off if they get too warm. Anyway just felt like talking about the cold weather and how excited i am to see snow but how i am dreading to have to bundle baby up everytime i step outside. It's getting through all of the layers to change baby's diaper and then rewrapping her all back up that's the real hassel.

Friday, November 09, 2007

More Books

It seems to me that my family members are all avid readers i thought I would share a list of a few authors and their books that I have come to enjoy and hope you will share some of your favorite authors/books. Some are christian authors-not necessarily LDS:

Lynn Austin-I really liked Fire by Night in her civil war series
Tracie Peterson
Ann Moore
Judith Pella-Lone star legacy series
Chris Heimerdinger- Tennis Shoes Adventure series
Stephenie Meyer-haven't read her books yet but i have heard they are great so i will be starting on one of hers and let you know how i like it.

Most are fun reads- and not really deep reading. Anyway that's a few that i've read from lately-except the tennis shoes series-when is vol 11 coming out????

Tuesday, November 06, 2007


I don't buy Novels because I never read them more than once-except for David Copperfield and Pride and Prejudice. I have to admit I read those ones twice, once in HS and once in College. The only books I think I would purchase would be Church books like the Miracle of Forgiveness or something that discussed Doctrine to use as a reference and maybe a good cook book-so pretty much just instructional books. What about you? Do you buy good reads when you find them-do you actually read them more than once? I hate the predictability of it. But some people find comfort in already knowing the book ends on a good note. Anyway just wanted to know what everyones thoughts are on this as some gals in my ward have a book club going and we are discussing books that some have read more than once and I am like-why not read a book you haven't read three times already? There is a thing called a library-and books come free there. (sorry to sound sarcastic) Comments????

Thursday, November 01, 2007


We had a lot of fun trickortreating and trunkortreating.
First amber was to be Annie but didn't want to put on her dress-so we convinced her to go as a cat and that didn't go well-so we took out the dress up trunk and let her pick her own outfit and finally got a winning smile from "the teaparty" lady.
Whitney went as Tinkerbell-go figure. Here she is on the cakewalk strutting her magic stuff.
yummy donuts!!!