Thursday, November 29, 2007

Snow and Sleds

We got some more snow last night and when Joe heard the forecast, and being the great dad that he is, he had to go and purchase a sled to play with-I mean for his kids to play with. Anyway it's those little things that remind me how much I love him. He loves to see his kids get all excited-he can't wait to open birthday presents-He has to give his presents first thing in the morning-which is good that Christmas present opening is in the morning (unless it falls on sunday and we have morning meetings). So the kids are super excited to play with dad- and dad is anxious to buy yet another sled before that happens. With all that said, I almost feel obligated to post now so you all aren't wondering if I am in the hospital. If I don't post for three -four days you will know that baby has finally decided to come out of hiding. And ofcourse some of you lucky ones, will get phone calls with all the details.


Angie said...

Hey I'm sorry your so miserable, been there done that, don't want to do it again for a couple more years. I'm glad Joe and the girls are having so much fun.

Melissa said...

I am SOOOOOOOOOOO excited for you too! I hope all is well. And can't wait to hear about it and the sweet baby of course!! when is your exact due date?

arin said...

My due date isn't until the 8th but my dr doesn't want to wait that long-because i've had a big baby in the past. I can be induced anytime i want right now. I really want her to come naturally. I just feel a woman's body is made to do this and since i have had an eight pounder before i feel certain that after two kids i could handle a bigger one if necessary. Call me stubborn and extremely patient- but please everyone pray she comes before my next Dr. apt-which is also my moms b-day.