Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Snow arrived-Baby didn't or hasn't yet.

We got snow last night and the girls woke up to a few inches and were so excited. I bundled them up early so they could play in it while we waited for Whitney's bus. We are supposed to get more snow on Thursday so we will look like a wonderland soon. Whitney can't wait for there to be enough for a snowman...I just keep thinking about road conditions and hoping that Joe doesn't try to speed when it's time to get to the hospital-it's been his habit in the past-even though we have tons of time to get there since i am such a slow laborer. I got a Dr. appt today so maybe we won't have much longer to wait. At least if my water breaks in public people will think the poor woman just fell down on the ice-j/ the giant belly isn't a dead giveaway. Anyway just thought the girls looked so cute-had to take pictures and share.

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