Sunday, March 27, 2011

First Haircut and MOOsical!

Trevor's First official Haircut

Amber's 1st grade music progam-she is the piggie on the right!

Check her out work'n that broom!

Monday, March 14, 2011

March Madness

So usually with a post title like that I am talking basketball-OH YEAH!! But actually i just feel that Spring is finally coming and with it is the crazy weather we Idahoans have become used to. Rain, Snow, Sun, Wind and hail all in one day. (yes this really does happen here) But above this I have this overwhelming feeling to start my spring cleaning and get everything in order. With 4 kids-it's rather difficult to keep things organized. My husband says i like "piles". Because usually I will sort out everything in piles and then have no where to put these piles...that's really the problem. So I have compiled my wishlist of organization tools to help me out with my future endeavors...then maybe I will get to relax and actually enjoy the REAL MARCH MADNESS INTENSITY and AWESOMENESS!

Paper clutter: I love this idea from Chic on a shoestring... using a decorative basket for a filing system:

And for the Bathroom-makeup or odds and ends-This one is a space saver!

Ooh and for books --they are all over the place all of the time. I like the idea of putting the books together by theme into bins like on the right.And ofcourse my two best friend in this process will be these guys:

Wish Me LUCK!!