Friday, February 27, 2009

My girls..this last month.

Brooke has started to pull herself up to stand now-a huge improvement considering that she just barely started to crawl about a month ago. Before she just belly-crawled everywhere. Hopefully she will be walking soon-so her sister will treat her a little less like a puppy.Mom asked me for some pictures of the girls-and I took quite a few of Amber-but she was squirming in almost all of them or her eyes were closed-then the second to last picture I found this: Beautiful!!! I can't believe she will be turning 5 this summer. Crazy.
Whitney had a school Assembly that showcased Ned doing Yo-you tricks. She begged me for days if she could spend her money-from her piggy bank on a yo-yo. There were two different ones-and i let her buy the cheaper of the two so she would still have some money leftover. She was so excited that afterwards we got two books from the library and a dvd too. She has quite a way to go before she can do shows of her own-but she almost has the rockabye baby down.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Did you know...

Did you know that an Ab-Rocker also doubles as a spanking tool?? Who knew it could be so fun?

We were in hysterics ...Oh Amber..the ways you make us laugh!!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Today in my life.....

I had a pretty lazy day-I guess you can say I cleaned my kitchen, dining and living rooms and that was it. The rest of the afternoon was spent looking for jobs for Joe and keeping the kids happy while listening to newstalk radio and really hoping that this "crisis" as Obama puts it-has a silver lining somewhere. Then I looked at my life with the Gospel and my family and I know that they are my hope for a better life and it reminded me that everything will be just fine.
Here is Brooke with her mouth full of m&ms-I gave her about 10-12 and the next thing I know she had stuffed them all in that little face of hers..funny girl- I wonder if she was on survival mode- hoping that her older sisters' wouldn't sneak some from her. ha ha

Sunday, February 15, 2009

I've been on a forced break..

Because Joe has been home most days-he has also been on the computer. At first I was a little upset about how little time I was able to spend on the computer-and not being able to really choose when-it was whenever he wasn't. Then after a while I just got used to it and stopped even getting on the computer for a few days. But now I am back -at least for the moment to update you all on our situation. So here goes-Joe was offered back his previous job-with a major paycut-$5 less an hour w/out benefits. The pro-it's a job-better than no job-and if Joe helps the company survive this economy-we definitely should see a raise. The cons-it doesn't even cover our basic needs -really-I mean basic. So hopefully it picks up soon, or I teach dance from home, or joe gets a second job. There is a company from Spokane that will be calling Joe on Tuesday to talk about scheduling an interview-but we really want to stay here-we've moved there before and it just didn't feel like home to us. Anyway-that is my update. Some good news with a little dissapointing news. But hey-it's better than no news right?? I mainly wrote this to inform everyone of what is going on on the job front for us right now-so i don't have to repeat myself several times. Thanks to you all for everything -I know it will all work out.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

I wondered when it would happen......

We finally had to deal with the "gum stuck in hair" issue. Whitney loves to chew gum and because she likes to bite her fingernails-i give her gum to chew instead. Anyway-she was blowing a bubble right as Amber ran past her-which her head popped the bubble and the wad of gum flew out of Whitney's mouth and onto the back of Amber's head-at least this is what I was told happened. Luckily it was contained to a small portion of her head so after applying 1 tbs of peanut butter and working it out with a comb-five minutes later, Amber's hair was free of it's sticky minion. And I was so happy that it came out that easy-I would really have cried if I had to cut her most of you who've seen it know why-and if you haven't, hopefully the above picture will help you out.