Friday, February 27, 2009

My girls..this last month.

Brooke has started to pull herself up to stand now-a huge improvement considering that she just barely started to crawl about a month ago. Before she just belly-crawled everywhere. Hopefully she will be walking soon-so her sister will treat her a little less like a puppy.Mom asked me for some pictures of the girls-and I took quite a few of Amber-but she was squirming in almost all of them or her eyes were closed-then the second to last picture I found this: Beautiful!!! I can't believe she will be turning 5 this summer. Crazy.
Whitney had a school Assembly that showcased Ned doing Yo-you tricks. She begged me for days if she could spend her money-from her piggy bank on a yo-yo. There were two different ones-and i let her buy the cheaper of the two so she would still have some money leftover. She was so excited that afterwards we got two books from the library and a dvd too. She has quite a way to go before she can do shows of her own-but she almost has the rockabye baby down.

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