Sunday, February 15, 2009

I've been on a forced break..

Because Joe has been home most days-he has also been on the computer. At first I was a little upset about how little time I was able to spend on the computer-and not being able to really choose when-it was whenever he wasn't. Then after a while I just got used to it and stopped even getting on the computer for a few days. But now I am back -at least for the moment to update you all on our situation. So here goes-Joe was offered back his previous job-with a major paycut-$5 less an hour w/out benefits. The pro-it's a job-better than no job-and if Joe helps the company survive this economy-we definitely should see a raise. The cons-it doesn't even cover our basic needs -really-I mean basic. So hopefully it picks up soon, or I teach dance from home, or joe gets a second job. There is a company from Spokane that will be calling Joe on Tuesday to talk about scheduling an interview-but we really want to stay here-we've moved there before and it just didn't feel like home to us. Anyway-that is my update. Some good news with a little dissapointing news. But hey-it's better than no news right?? I mainly wrote this to inform everyone of what is going on on the job front for us right now-so i don't have to repeat myself several times. Thanks to you all for everything -I know it will all work out.

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