My Kids

Whitney is 8 years old.  She recently got baptised last July and she loves to play basketball and loves animals. She wants to be a veterinarian when she grows up and work at a Zoo.  She likes to play Webkinz online and has several of the stuffed animals to play with.  She has recently learned that talking on the phone is not something that she can do whenever she wants.  She loves to know what is going on at all times.  She is very smart and caring and that's why she has earned several school academic and citizenship awards..She's our BRIGHT One.

Amber is 6.  She is definitely her own character-always doing silly things and making fun expressions that keep us laughing.  She likes to perform and sing.  She is our little actress. She started1st grade this fall.  She has improved so much this last year with her speech and understanding concepts in school.  She likes to play outside and loves to play with stuffed animals too.  She is a junkfood junkie and could eat sweets all day if we let her.  She's our FUNNY Girl.

Brooke is two and definitely has entered the terrible side this age implies.  She can be ecstatic one minute and crying the next.  She is so emotional that it often terrifies me how she will be as a teenager..really it cannot be worse than it is right now, can it??  With that said she is also a bit of a bashful flirt and loves to get her picture taken.  She loves dogs and  playing outside.  She likes to look at books, color, and play with little people animals.  She wants everything big sisters have and to do what they do. Her favorite cartoon is Cailou.  She is our DRAMA Queen.

Trevor is now 7 months old and such a sweet little baby. . He loves to be held all the time.  He is a good eater and is now 22 lbs.  He is pretty tolerant of his sisters mugging him and will probably grow to be a lady's man.  He is our Brown Bear.