Thursday, March 28, 2013

Way past a New Year post!

Well it has been a long long time since I posted.  I cannot believe it.  I guess things got really crazy after Megan was born and school started up.  Amber was baptized and Megan was blessed over Labor Day weekend and we enjoyed having family visit.

 In October Whitney tried out for AAU basketball and made the Meridian team. In November we went down to Washington for Thanksgiving to visit my family and enjoy the holiday.  While there I had another attack-a gall bladder attack..they had started up in Oct. After a few visits to the doctor-blood work done and upper endoscopy to rule out other things, I finally went back to the ER in January with a severe attack.  The doctors again did blood tests and an ultrasound and sent me home with a referral to a surgeon to get my gall bladder removed.  Well I  was sent home and came back the next day still writhing in pain and not able to eat or drink anything and throwing up bile and black stuff.  I woke up Joe and said we really needed to go back to the Hospital.  The doctors did a ct scan and realized surgery was more needed than they thought...duh.  Anyway skip ahead to later that afternoon and an hour before surgery-my gall bladder ruptured..good thing i was prepped and ready to go.  I guess it was in really bad shape and torn up.  Healing took a while and poor Megan was a trooper throughout the whole thing.  I was worried I wouldn't be able to nurse her but luckily I could.
 Megan's has a hole in her heart which makes her body work extra hard which causes her to burn through most of the calories she eats= slow weight gain.  Her hole is 5-6 mm.and thankfully the slow weight gain/sweating/heart murmur are the only symptoms she has.  Right now the doctors are monitoring her progress and if she starts to struggle, then surgery would be done to close her hole.  So far she seems to be on a good path to it closing on her own, which can take a few years.  She has seemed to bulk up a little recently with the start of more solids to her diet-which I am really excited about!!  Right now she can sit on her own and is rolling around!!! She is so sweet and we love her so very much.
  In January the older girls started Basketball through the YMCA and AAU programs- both learned and enjoyed themselves.  This was Amber's first year and she has potential to be a great ball player and was awesome defensively as usual!!  Whitney scored in most of her games and was switched between wing and post and sometimes played point (she played guard all season last year) so this was a change for her to adapt to. She has decided to play basketball year round and is hanging up her soccer cleats.  I hope she will still play for fun here and there though-as she was an excellent player in that sport too. So she will play AAU through the summer, perhaps a traveling team and AAU again in the Winter next year.  Amber is still looking forward to playing soccer come fall.  We took Fall last year off from sports as well as Spring which has been nice. We have some great news about Brooke-her bowel incontinence is a thing of the past-no more diapers for that girl at night and I am so proud of her-and relieved!!!  She has some skin lesions that will need to be removed in case they are skin cancer, so that is our next adventure with her.  All of the children are going to get their dna tested to verify which ones have Gorlins so we can focus more medically on them.  Not much to report on Trevor-except that he loves Just Dance and singing and is overly obsessed with Monster Trucks-Daddy took him in this month to Monster Jam and next week he will be turning 3!!  He has grown into quite the sweet and mischievous little boy-fun and unnerving at times!!   As far as Joe and I-we are both working on becoming healthier.  Joe has a gym membership and I go play basketball once a week plus we have just started juicing.  We hope this will help us to get more vegetables in our diet and keep us feeling fitter as well!!  I can't wait to see us a year from now!!