Wednesday, February 04, 2009

I wondered when it would happen......

We finally had to deal with the "gum stuck in hair" issue. Whitney loves to chew gum and because she likes to bite her fingernails-i give her gum to chew instead. Anyway-she was blowing a bubble right as Amber ran past her-which her head popped the bubble and the wad of gum flew out of Whitney's mouth and onto the back of Amber's head-at least this is what I was told happened. Luckily it was contained to a small portion of her head so after applying 1 tbs of peanut butter and working it out with a comb-five minutes later, Amber's hair was free of it's sticky minion. And I was so happy that it came out that easy-I would really have cried if I had to cut her most of you who've seen it know why-and if you haven't, hopefully the above picture will help you out.

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David and Kira said...

That's too funny. She has gorgeous hair!!