Friday, November 23, 2007

Full Moon??

Well we managed to not have the baby yet-we got past Joe's birthday and Thanksgiving. I was afraid that I'd be in the hospital during one of them since our past history shows that I usually go to the hospital on a holiday. Joe keeps looking up at the moon-says it's almost full and is thinking that maybe that will put me into labor-but then he also wants me to wait until monday to have this girl because then he can take all next week off. It's funny how we really don't have much control over these things.

My doctor says if i am ready that he will induce me on tuesday- but I have never been even close to ready when my other doctors have given the same reply. I go in and am not dialated enough or even effaced and to make matters worse my cervix is way in the back-so usually i have had to wait for nature to take her course. I really wouldn't mind if the full moon actually kick started it all off-anyone else hear of such a phenomenon? Oh and I really don't want to go to church and face all of the looks and remarks about how big my basketball is getting-(there is a picture so you can all see for youreselves) and when is this baby getting here? It's like you've all been through the same frustrating end of pregnancy, can't wait for it to be over feelings-why ask me the annoying questions you wish you could have avoided when you were me. Well with any luck next time I post I will have a little bit of heaven sleeping next to me.


Melissa said...

Hey, I think Megan's first baby was born early on the full moon, and they said that the maternity ward was packed!! So there is always hope, It'll happen when it's time, And contrary to what it sounds like, that is a good thing!! induced long labor is never fun. SO good Luck, either way!!!

ashersjane said...

Oh honey! I hope you have it soon. Love you and keep me posted!!

...April* said...

Hey! You look so cute pregnant! Good luck!