Saturday, December 01, 2007

Still have my attached basketball

Well here I am again-still anxiously waiting-before i wasn't sure if i was ready for our new addition but now I can't wait. I guess I was a little nervous about how things will change once we have another baby in the house and how it will affect our everyday lives-things like- hopefully getting her fed and bundled up every morning in time to catch whitney's bus and to pick her up. And packing all three carseats in the backseat of our camry-and how that's really going to work out. Not to mention waking up throughout the night to crying and praying she isn't a collicky baby -especially since we are in an apt again. But I am now optimistic that whatever happens will happen and most things wont be in my control and I just hope that she is alot like amber was as a baby-so easy. These are all just my last minute thoughts and I am trying to enjoy life in the present as it is and am spending some one on one time with the two i already have. Whitney is surprising me everyday-she can read a lot of words and tries to spell them out on paper by herself-although she does beg for help sometimes. Amber is not potty trained yet-but she is talking a whole lot more-at least we can actually understand more of it. I still can't figure out if she's going to be left or right handed-she keeps switching-but I still think she favors her left when coloring. Well I am rambling again so off I got to get some rest.


BtflGal said...

Thank you for those comments. I have had those same thoughts of late. How old is Amber? Abby was two in September and boy, your thoughts hit close to home.

arin said...
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arin said...

Amber is three and pretty strong willed-plus the red hair doesn't really help either. I figure when she's ready to potty train it will happen-i am done fighting her over it. I haven't pushed her for a while for fear that she would regress when baby comes but maybe that will make her want to be a big girl instead- who knows.