Friday, December 28, 2007


I can't believe its' been nearly two weeks since I last posted-well i guess having a baby and visiting family for the holidays will do that. We are all doing well and have been having a terrific holiday season thus years is still around the corner. We spent Christmas with my folks and the kids got to act out the nativity-it was so sweet. Ofcourse Whitney had to be Mary-Amber really didn't care for the whole thing but she found a way to quietly pop her head into the scenes as if she belonged in each one and Brooke played the part of baby Jesus (even though she's a girl.) Christmas morning was as expected with kids overwhelmed by presents and wanting to play with all of them at once. We played family games and enjoyed each others company. My favorite moment was when my grandmother shared her testimony of the gospel with the family over christmas dinner. Thankyou to Mom for doing such a terrific job hosting our family for Christmas and keeping sane through it all. May we be lucky to share more Christmas memories in the future.


Angie said...

"Everyboby's got a water buffalo, mine is Jake and your's is Joe"
You've got cute kids too. We did marry the right roommates.

Anonymous said...

So glad you had fun! Miss you!!

ashersjane said...

Uh that was me.