Wednesday, December 16, 2009

My Opinion SYTYCD

The routines from my favorite to least favorite:
1. Jakob and Kathryn's contemporary piece-loved this -My favorite for the season-I couldn't wait until these two got to dance together and I was totally left satisfied and in awe afterward. These two should get married and have kids-don't you think??? ha ha.
2. Ashleigh and Ryan's contemp.-I was so moved by them dancing as a married couple and I don't agreee with Nigel at all about Ashleigh having more chemistry with her former partner than her own husband-this was just so special to watch-I was close to tears.
3. Ryan and Kathryn's Samba-brave for Ryan to go shoeless with Kathryn in those heels-this is one my favorite sambas on this show ever -that ending was crazy awesome!
3. Ashleigh and Russels' lyrical jazz-so many beautiful parts in the choreography-loved the story.

4. Jakob and Ashleighs Foxtrot-so fun and lively-loved seeing these guys back together.
5. Jakob and Ellenore's broadway-both fantastic in this-both so technically on.
6. Russel and Kathryn's krump/hip hop routine-it was okay-I am not a big krump fan..sorry.
6. Ellinore and Ryans wierd jazz routine-i thought both did a great job and I liked it-felt it showed ryan's growth alot.
6. Ellenore and Russels Paso doble-Finally ellenore came alive to me as an audienc in this.

If Jakob doesn't win-Kathryn should. I would be disappointed in Elinore or Russell won and just a bit shocked if Ashleigh or Ryan did..

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