Wednesday, November 11, 2009

SYTYCD -my thoughts

Just to cut to the chase here is how I ranked the couples from last night and my opinions about each dance.

1. Noelle and Russell-My favorite dance of the night-maybe my favorite of the season so far-. Loved the energy -I love love love african styled dancing and it was done so perfectly-both of them were so energetic and on beat. Loved her hands when Russel slid down her back leg and the handstand flips were so great. Liked the sequence of her moving behind Russel while he did some sharp hand arm choreography around his torso and head. Altogether such a wonderful routine. I could watch this one over and over and over again. YEAH!!!

1. Channing and Victor- Contemporary-I agree with the judges-it was so nice to see Channing's softer side and I love the story behind it and both did exceptionally well with this new partnership.

1. Ashleigh and Jakob-Jazz-loved this one-Huge 80's music fan-so this really had to live up to the music for me and they were awesome!! Sharp, stayed in character and the choreography was amazing for this.

2. Legacy and Kathryn-Broadway -so I really liked this-even though I could see Kathryn be more vixen like as the judged had wanted her to be. But thought this had so many creative elements to it that I just loved it. Fully entertained the entire time.

3. Karen and Kevin-it was nice and sharp-kind of cheesy cruise style entertainment-but still good.

4.. Pauline and Peter-Quickstep-loved this routine-so adorable but like Mary-yeah they should have been in a better closed position and connection was lost through those parts-so could have been way better.

6. Mollee and Nathan-Salsa- I enjoyed this one-even though there were tons of broken parts-I appreciated it.

7. Ryan and Ellinore-Hip HOp Not together at some points but yes-if he's this big guy and she's more compact-he has to move faster than she does to match really this was stellar considering that. I was bored with the story as Jeannette and Brandons Ruby Blue was similar-not hip hop though. So great-nothing exciting. Too much use of props.

That Pauline and Peter went home didn't surprise me much-I am happy with that because really neither of them have really become too noticeable at this point. The other dancers are each stepping up and demonstrating their characters and personalities more.

It is still a bit early to choose my favorite girls and guys but definitely I am liking Noelle and Kathryn. Can't tell about Ashleigh yet as none of the routines she has done in the past has made her have to do more than what I know she can-so I am waiting for a contem/mod peice before really putting her with the other two. For the guys-ofcourse I like Jakob and Nathan and Legacy/Russell are most likely going to be the underdog guys that I see coming through and winning america over. So can't wait for next week and more dances to help with my choices.

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