Tuesday, November 24, 2009


So lately I have been a little bummed because I haven't felt the baby move much. The Ultrasound tech had asked me if i felt baby move alot and I told her no, not really. It has been something that i've been a little concerned about because with the girls I could feel them move constantly by this point. She said she expected as much because of the location of my placenta is providing extra cushion-so it's normal. I was so relieved by that. One of the things I was looking forward to seeing on the ultrasound was the baby move. And baby didn't dissapoint-in fact when the tech went to it's feet-it decided to give me a little kick. I think it's so cute:

So although-we didn't find out what gender the baby is-it was so much fun to see that he/she is healthy. I will have to do another ultrasound next week because we couldn't get a good picture of the baby's heart-so next time I can let you know 100% that baby is as perfect as we think. And no-going in and looking at baby a second time around won't tempt me to find out what he/she is. Sorry. I told Joe before hand that he needed to be very observant on his own if he wanted to know what it was...luckily baby wasn't forthcoming with any information. Already knows to mind his/her mommy.


Mikaela said...

Glad to know the baby is healthy, and way to go for not finding out!

marciekoch said...

We're 1A and the girls still do fast pitch softball - not sure if that's the norm for all leagues now or not! You're good - I hate surprises, so I'd find out ASAP if it was a boy or girl. :)

Carrie said...

That's a great kick! Boy or girl, I definitely see soccer in your future!