Wednesday, November 04, 2009

SYTYCD Shocking!!

So i was totally surprised that they choreographed the kiss in Ashleigh and Jakobs waltz routine-can I say that was some pretty good acting and, like everyone else, I wonder what Ryan thought about that. Now being on a dance team before while being married and dancing with other guys myself I can say i always viewed things with total professionalism..but that is a line i wouldn't dream of crossing. I am not sure how married actors do it-no wonder why there are so many break ups in hollywood. With that now said I have to say-it was one of my favorite dances of the night along with the tango that Ashleigh's husband Ryan danced to with Ellinore. So Ballroom dances stole the spotlight for me last night. And Legacy contemporary with Kathryn absolutely blew me away-he is really growing and becoming a better dancer. I guess Stacy is the choreographer that is replacing Mia Michaels and so far I'm not dissapointed.

So here is how the dances ranked for me last night:
#1. Ryan and Ellinore Tango-so precise even with the skirt tangle.
#2. Legacy and Kathryn Contemporary -finally a cont piece that moved me!!
#3 Ashleigh and jakob's Waltz-so pretty and lovely
#4 Mollee and Nathan's Bollywood routine-so cool
#5 Noelle and Russel's Hip hop
#6 Karen and Kevin's- Hip HOp-the dancing was good-parts of the choreography i didnt' like.
#7 Bianca and Victor's Broadway-I really enjoyed this one
#8 Pauline and Peter Jazz-liked it but thought it was a little busy at some points
#9 Channing and Phillip Samba-stumbling here and there-channing definitely tried .

I think they picked the right guy to go home and only felt that Biance went home because the other girls show better potential to perform more variety of dance genres.

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