Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Preview!!! Thrifty costumes this year!

Here are some pictures of the girls in their halloween costumes this year!! I was so lucky to have found the tiger costume at a thrift store for $4 and a friend loaned us the cow costume indefinitely (so nice of them). We had the cinderella costume hanging around from a past halloween -but I have to say Brooke does it better justice than the previous wearer. All in all I was so lucky to only have had to spend $6 total including the face paint for my girls' costumes this year combined with a little bit of sewing to fix/alter whatever was needed!! And I already had everything to make my costume-just needed to sew it together. Turned out pretty cute! Daddy's not yet into the whole "dress" up thing---just yet. Sorry the pictures are grainy-I guess my mem. card was just about full and battery was dying-so hopefully tonight I will get some better ones. But I wanted to show you anyway!Girls playing in the leaves!!! WE LOVE THE FALL!!


Lesley said... $ would NEVER guess...they look amazing!

Brooklet said...

Very cute- even cuter since they were thrifty- good finds!