Wednesday, October 28, 2009

SO you think you can dance is back!!

Okay so my favorite dances from last nights performances were:
Jakob and Ashleigh's Broadway -perfect-nothing bad about this routine, it had everything from both dancers.
Mollee and Nathan's Disco-this disco was so fun and so fast-i can't believe how much energy they had throughout the entire thing. Awesome.
Legacy and Kathryn's Hip Hop totally expected legacy to do awesome but Kathryn killed it-she did such a great job hitting everything so hard.

Hats off to:

Karen and Kevin-She danced circles around him and you couldn't watch anyone but her. Partly this wasn't his fault. I would have put him in a lighter costume as black on black-seriously he is hidden anyway. ( costume choice/lighting/background is important) But he still could have done more to match her.

Ryan and Ellenore Contemporary- I expected more out of Ellenore-performance quality was there and it was such a weird piece that i liked it.

Bianca and Victor cotemporary-It was nice -could have been brilliant if she had better technique like Adam commented on. Liked it, but wasn't blown away.

Just okay for me:

Russel and Noelles fox trot-mainly because he danced with sub Melanie (wish she was wearing a different dress color-too much black in entire routine/background would have like to see it broken up a bit.) I do think he did okay.

Brandon and Pauline: I really think it was such easy choreography and so there really wasn't room for them to impress anyone with this routine-not necessarily their fault, since he only had a few days to learn it. Was forgettable.

Channing and Phillip Jive- I think she did a descent job with her performance-both could have been sharper-If he performed more this would have been really cute.

Arianna and Peters' hip hop-just boring

I think the judged picked the right two to go home-it's who i think america would have voted off.

Biggest dissapointments:
Billy Bell out of the competition.


Mikaela said...

I'm right there with you about being disappointed about Billy. He was my favorite and just so AMAZING!

Maryellen said...

Who are your fav picks ?

Jenks Family said...

I have not been on your blog in a while, looks like life is busy for you and your family