Friday, October 16, 2009

THE FLU...Our family lowdown.

Okay so Wednesday night Amber had a fever-and I was a bit concerned about what it would turn into. Thursday-ofcourse she stayed home from school-fever was gone but the whole 24 hour wait before going out in public after a fever business. Then Thursday afternoon slight fever-99...thursday night-runny nose, started to cough, fever continues. By this point we had called the dr. to find out what we should do-bring her in, keep her home and treat her like regular flu...what we should do about me-preggo?? Plus we called everwhere to see when the first avail H1N1 flu shots were available. Not much help there. Friday morning cough is worse and she is throwing up-still no news about vaccinations or whether she has reg flu or swine flu-as they don't want her coming in unless it's really bad. So tonight after more vomiting and slight fever still going on, the Nurse told us to bring her in the morning or tonight to the ER if it gets worse. Good news-My dr. has both flue vaccines in office-got them in today so first thing Monday I will be getting my shot, Whitney will be getting hers at school and hopefully we can find a place to get Brooke one. Bad news-flu may already be in my system which means-if I start showing symptoms-straight to tamiflu i go. So everyone please pray that our family can get through this flu thing. I am exhausted and Joe is starting to feel something coming on. Just hope and pray it's regular flu and not the swine flu-though we know Amber has been in contact with a family that has had a swine flu case in their household. SO please cross fingers it doesn't come down to anything life threatening (especially since Brooke is high risk and I am at double high risk)


Jake and Angie said...

That stinks about the flu, the swine flu is going around Dillon, and only one person from Lima has had it so far. Hope you all get better, or don't get it!

Mikaela said...

I hope you all get feeing better. It is so crazy how early flus are coming on. Nichole's baby and her 5 year old go the Swine flu. Nichole said it was just like any other flu, miserable. She said her dr wasn't worried that her 10 month old got it, either. I'm not sure how it works with pregnant women, but hopefully that eases your mind just a little! Good luck!!!