Wednesday, November 18, 2009

SYTYCD-This weeks review ..a little bit of sunshine gone.

To be honest I loved all but one routine-kevin and Karens. The entire night as i was watching I kept thinking oh..this is going to be my number 1 pick and then each couple just started to rock their routines. All except for Karen and Kevin's Broadway-this dance should have been so much more exaggerated and bigger and it was way too bland. I just couldn't wait for it to be over.

Loved Jacob and Ashleighs soft hip hop-hit hard and flowed soft and right on-fabulous.
Loved Noelle and Russells Foxtrot-lucky to get it a second time-but she was so gorgeous and they looked like they were having fun and it was so smooth.
Loved Legacy and Katherine's Paso Doble-Stunning-so intense and powerful-YEAH for them!
Loved Channing and Victor's Jazz. -i loved the weird quirkiness of this and the beat so different-i was captured initially by this moving piece of art.
Loved Mollee and Nathan's Pop Jazz-so much fun and hip-totally meant for this young couple to dance.
Loved Ryan and Ellinore's Contemporary-left me breathless-wonderful to see how well these two are doing.

With that said I really was happy to see Kevin go but mixed about Channing getting the boot. I like her more than Karen but Karen has been more consistent-so I am thinking that is why they chose her over Channing. Still, having really loved Channing's solo and her routine from Wednesday night-makes me feel like she went home too early. Karen was getting rather boring with her sultry style all over the place all the time. Channing was just more refreshing. I have to say next week Karen has got to step up because i can't imagine the other girls going home before her...and to pick a guy for next week...really it's going to be hard-but I would say Victor has to step up-or he'll lose the votes.


Maryellen (Mom) said...

I agree with everything. I thing that Karen will be next but don't know about the guy. Could be Russell, I hope not. For some reason I don't like Victor. He just is too arrogant or something. He is a good dancer but its his attitude. I like Ryan but I think he may be in danger soon as he is limited. I would love to see them re shuffle the couples so we can see them dance with other partners. My fav of the night was Ashley and Jacob. Thanks for your review.. I love to read what others have to say.. MOM

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