Thursday, November 03, 2011

Trevor's Glasses

Trevor got his glasses today and I can tell you this boy did not want to wear them.  This first shot is me-holding his hands to prevent him from taking them off.

The trick, which someone told me-was to keep his hands busy.  Distraction is one of those essential tools that all moms have in their arsenal-so we went for a little walk outside-and then to the backyard to play some basketball!  Eventually it got cold and we came inside and dinner had to get on the table-and spelling tests practiced for, among other household off those glasses came at first opportunity.  Oh well. At  least he had them on 45 minutes tonight.We will shoot for an hour tomorrow and keep increasing until he's used to them and starts begging to wear them. I think he looks super adorable!!
These are Miraflex glasses in case you are wondering-pretty indestructible for little just to keep those lenses clean enough so he can actually see out of them.......not looking forward to meal times.

Methinks he looks like my dad/ uncle Earl in the one to the right, anyone else think so?


Carrie said...

He is such a stud! Those look great!

NaDell said...

He looks so cute! Keep on trying. He'll figure it out eventually (and so will you.) I love the pictures of him playing BBall.

Kristiane said...

They look awesome! You are totally on the right track for getting him to wear them. Trevor's so blessed to have such a great mom!

Alli Blue said...

Ok, those are too cute! I love the gray! Good choice!!!

Heidi said...

He looks adorable in his glasses!!!