Monday, February 07, 2011

Bloggity blah blah blah

I'm not certain if it's the limited time I find myself on the computer or lack of something to report but I have been neglecting my blog for quite sometime and it has been bothering me something fierce lately. So here is my best attempt at playing catch up and by no means does it include a promise to do better in the future-cuz let's face it, none of us are perfect.
So I should probably just start where I left off from my last post. Okay so potty training is on a huge hold right now-Brooke just isn't showing any readiness signals and she still wakes up in the morning with a wet diaper (no she doesn't have a sippy cup to bed with her) so I am reluctantly waiting a bit longer, though I pray everyday that she is ready soon.
Amber is continually surprising me with what she knows. She has really started enjoying reading and has read 40 books this year (at her level). I love to hear her read books on her own without any help from me-it really is a great accomplishment. She has found and really loves Pokeman and will come home from the library toting whatever movie they have from the series.
Whitney is playing basketball through the YMCA here and she is doing really great. She is pretty good with dribbling and will switch from her left to right and back pretty often. She almost dribbles better than me...I hate dribbling left handed. She has strep throat right now and the first day she was doing pretty bad-not keeping anything down-chills, fever, sore throat...just a train wreck poor thing. She is on antibiotics and was given a steroid to shrink her throat inflammation and is doing much better.
Trevor now has 2 teeth on his lower gumline and i am in the process of weaning him from me. He has learned to clap his hands. He still isn't crawling yet at ten months-He likes to circle on his belly and roll alot. At times he will lift his belly and i think by the end of the month he will be on all fours. I am content for now that he's not too mobile. He is such a sweetheart. As for me, teaching two dance classes a week, volunteering at the school and ofcourse young womens-keeps me busy enough. If I am lucky I do modern and Ballet with a bunch of other women on Mon/Fri mornings and get my dance on for just me. I cannot wait for nicer weather and the opportunity to take the younger kids on walks. I am so done with Winter.

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