Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Our 10 year Anniversary Trip to the Oregon Coast!

Okay so here's the story history behind our trip.  Ten years ago today Joe and I were married in the Portland temple.  On the way there,  my brother and his family were in a car accident and lets just say we were kind of in a hurry to get back to see how they were doing .  So we didn't ever do a honeymoon or anything.  And since we haven't been back to the Portland temple since then...well I was determined that to celebrate surviving 10 years with each other-we ought to return and create new memories on a 2nd chance honeymoon trip!! This is the first trip we have gone on that was just the two of us since having kids (unless you count the overnighter in Spokane for a job interview 4 years ago).  So Last Wednesday night we headed to my parents-where we dropped off our kiddos and then we were on our way.  Here is part 1 of our trip-I still have to upload the rest of the pictures...But these are days 1 and 2.  Day 3 will be in part 2 which I will add  later this week-so check back.  Some pictures weren't the best as our camera died on us after half way through day 2 and we had to use joe's ipad from work to take the rest...not the best quality photos..but at least we got to capture some memories!!

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My girls at grandma's house-basking in the sunshine!

Trevor started walking last week too-I will post video of that too in the near future!


NaDell said...

What a fun trip! Glad you were able to get away. I forgot about that part of your wedding. =( So glad they were alright after a while.

David and Kira said...

looks very relaxing!! So glad you got to go! We haven't made a trip since being married just the 2 of us either. Hopefully one day!