Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Okay so I have always thought that we don't pay much for our dsl/phone service until I talked to a friend who gets Skype for $4 a month??? What? Where have I been?? Okay so I was just wondering if I am the only one that still lives in the prehistoric era of wires and am just wondering really how much can I save by going the wireless route and using Voip?? OR is is something that evens out after you factor in the special phones you have to buy wireless modem, etc. What are your opinions and who have you had the greatest service with. I am curious and wherever i can save a buck-I will, so maybe I will switch who knows?? So those who are more tech savvy-let me in on your secrets and if it does save you money.


Mikaela said...

We aren't really that savvy, okay, I'm not. BUT, we did switch to using Magic Jack for our phone. You have to keep your computer on with the window open for calls, but it's 20 bucks a year. You get voicemail, call waiting, and unlimited long distance, even to Canada and possibly some other countries. We like it OK. It's not AS good as a normal land line, but our cell phones supplement other calls, and for 1.75 a month, I can't complain. For the same service through Qwest, I was paying over 50 a month with all the fees, and that didn't include international calling!

Melissa said...

We have VOIP through T-Mobile. We pay $10 a month.We get all the perks free unlimited anywhere, call waiting, call ID. I'm wth Mikaela it's not quite the same but it's worth what you pay for. We have a normal phone (cordless)plugged into the computer, and our phone alo as extensions with it. We have 3 throughout the house. The all work geat. good luck!

Megan said...

Maia uses magic jack also. She has said about the same as Mikaela and Melissa. It's worth it, but it's not the same.