Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Suggestions Please..

Okay so I am just shy of the 3 months mark..yipee!! I know I have plenty of time to prepare-but really I don't. Because we aren't finding out what we are having gender wise, and because we haven't had a boy yet-we have nothing for a little man if that is what baby is. So we will be scrambling from the hospital buying all boy stuff if that is the case. Plus I can't really set up nursery for gender specific and all the girls' stuff is pink/purple. I want to know what you other moms have done to prepare for a surprise in gender and what has worked the best. So far I plan on having four outfits for the hospital 1 girl, 1 boy, and 2 neutral (in 2 different sizes)-just in case. We already know we have to purchase a new carseat and packnplay(with bassinet)- and will be on the lookout for any neutral colors. I am leaning towards brown-because I can contrast it with pink for a girl-but alone would work for a boy too. But beyond that-I haven't done much in my thought process for preparing for baby's arrival. But one thing is for certain- I will definitely want a baby shower afterwards if it is a boy-especially with tons of suggestions for raising one. So tell me all your ideas and what you or someone you know has done?


Nathan & Rebecca said...

save the hassle & stress and find out what the baby is before hand.

NaDell said...

I think getting new things in brown sounds good. Add blue or green for a boy and pink or even turquoise for a girl.
I'm sure if you have a boy, you'll have plenty of help keeping him clothed. You probably have some neutral onsies and socks and maybe some of those newborn gowns? I know we did. I went through everything I had for the girls and put it away and then as I was given things, I would pull out the things that were leaning too close to the girl's side.
Plenty of time to finish getting ready after he comes, right? He won't do much at first anyway, as you already know. Enjoy those girls and help them feel special while you have time right now (I'm sure you do this already...)
Hope the sickies have moved on. It's hard to be a mom when you don't feel well.

Maryellen said...

Look at the faces of those babies of yours and you will remember that all of this will be worth it in April. Dad and I will take you out for dinner right after delivery or maybe even better have food delivered to you at the hospital. What would you like? Love you always, Mom

Young Family said...

We are starting to get rid of our baby stuff, since we have decided to be done. We have a brown and tan car seat that is like new. We used it only with our last. Call me if you want to come see it. I am not sure what I would sell it for, but it would be a deal!

Mikaela said...

We didn't know what we were having with McKay. We just got a neutral carseat. Plus, I think it's not as bad to have a girl in more boy-ish things, but it's worse to have a boy in more girly things. I bought clothes that would be for boy or girl, and I did buy a few gender specific things prior to delivery, and I returned the things I didn't need. I don't know that you would have to get a brand new pack n play, just get new sheets for it, unless it's pink! Just a thought! Good luck!!!

sunlover76 said...

I bet you have a lot of neutral things (unless everything is in pink). White, green, blue, even purple sometimes, orange, red, and black can all be pretty girl/boy neutral. All of your jeans & soft pants up to 18-24mo can be unisex. And like your other friend said, onesies and pjs/sacks can be neutral (esp. if no one is going to see it on him). I guess I had it a little easier, going from boy to girl, because I figured bugs, tools and sports could be as much girl as boy! the way, I love the brown idea!