Friday, June 20, 2008

Whitney's Birthday

Whitney turned six years old yesterday!!! It was a crazy day for everyone. Brooke had had her six month shots the day before so was a bit cranky all day. I was going mad trying to get everything arranged for her party-and ofcourse Whitney was so excited. Dad gave her the first present when she woke up-a brand new bike. Whitney's party was a little sad as really only two of her friends made it and her cousins-she started crying. And ofcourse, Brooke was fussy and crying and to top it off- Amber started puking. COULD a CHILDS BIRTHDAY GET ANY WORSE??? After we came home, daddy took her out to ride her bike and then I took her over to her best friends-who couldn't come to the party due to lack of transportation. She spent about an half hour there, opened her present from Madison and I left with the feeling that her birthday might have not been such a horrible mess after all. Thank goodness-it was a rough day for everyone-especially Daddy-but that is a story for a future post--so stay tuned!!! Thanks to my friends Ginger and Jared who decorated Whitney's birthday cake.

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David and Kira said...

And did mom start to cry with it all too?! I think I would have from the sounds of it! Happy Birthday Whitney...and a new bike, hooray!