Monday, September 29, 2008

Mutton Bustin' Cowgirl!!!

Whitey got to do some more mutton bustin' at a local rodeo here. She did very well and got third-there was more than twenty kids-so that's not too shabby. She got stepped on by the sheep when she feell off, but she's tough-not tears. She was dissapointed that she didn't get first though-she's already competitive. I think had she not had a soccer game right before she might have had more energy to stay on longer. She played almost the entire game since they were missing half of their team-only one person to sub in. As soon as she was done we were racin to the rodeo and got there just in time for her to ride. Grandma and grandpa were able to watch her events and so that was fun and special for her. Here is the video from Saturday and from Last years' mutton busting. I wasn't able to get her whole ride on one of them -due to the fact I was holding two cameras -but this is the one i could upload. Enjoy>

Last Year:

Last Saturday:


David and Kira said...

Yeah Whitney!! I don't know if any of my kids are brave enough for that, but I've never had them try it! Looks like fun. She looks so much like you, Arin!!

sunlover76 said...

Good Job Whitney!! My kids are really not that brave. And I love the "Yea baby" at the end...surely a proud mama!