Saturday, September 06, 2008

Whitney's First Soccer Game!

Whitney had her first Soccer game today. Their team name is the Broncos-I know very original. The score was like 7-0 and we lost-it didn't help that we scored on ourselves for the first one. After that it went downhill. The kids did have fun and the coaches now know what to work on with them. Half of her team is girls and most of her teammates haven't ever played before so i thought they all had great attitudes, considering they didn't really know what they were doing! I had fun cheering them on and more fun watching the other parents-its entertaining. I have now become a soccer mom. Next will be a minivan-can't i wait. Anyway here are some pictures i promised to post:

Here she is in all her glory-pigtails whippin in the wind and long legs moving!!

Don't you just love her pink shin-gaurds. We can spot her anywhere on the field.

Girl Power - Whitney passes it to two other girls on her team.

She was so excited to be number six because that's how old she is!!


Jake and Angie said...

THat sounds so fun! Watching little kids play sports is great and entertaining. Kyrah would love to play soccer, she loves it. We just don't have it here! 300 population, they just don't have enough for soccer, they barely have enough for 6 man football.

iRiS said...

HI:) found your blog thru Grosgrain and just wanted to congratulate you on your win the waif outfit is devine!

I love the pink shin pads too!
I already have a pair of pink soccer boots picked out for my baby girl hahaha

My son is the same about the number thing, his 4 so everything has to be 4 or else hahaha

good luck in the next game! Go the broncos!

Maryellen said...

Thank you for the pics...they are the bomb!!! love mom

Mikaela said...

Great pictures! Go Whitney, Go!