Sunday, September 21, 2008

Ode to a Chevy...

We had to sell you, sad but true
the day you left our faces were blue
the gas mileage you gave wasn't your best feature
and we had to downgrade to something much cheaper
Your future is filled with alot more fun
Camping with a zoologist in the arizona sun
With rugged terrain that can't be beat
i doubt you will miss screaming kids in your backseat.
Fear not that we will forget you silverado
Joe's a pickup man-gotta be chevy-that's his motto.
So in years to come watch for us on the highway
We may once again be crammed in a pickup-but not today.

Okay, yeah, we sold our truck a week ago-my husbands baby...sad sad sad-and yesterday we bought a minivan. I warned you in my last post that it was coming. I was so certain that we'd always have a truck-since usually for Joe's line of work, he needs one. With this new job of his, however, he doesn't-so we opted to have more room for the kids and lower gas mileage with the trade-especially since he now commutes 20-30 minutes there and back. I like the van-it's a 2005 Sienna -only 23k miles on it-so it should last us a long time. The kids definitely have room-it seats 8!! It will totally come in handy when driving the 16 beehives around for young womens. It has been nice to have a truck the last few years for so many reasons. Great when moving, the kids fit better in it's backseat than the cars', Power in the engine, 4wheel drive during winter in spokane was critical when driving up and down the hill where we lived, it was fun to drive-it always reminded me of when joe and i were dating (he drove a '95 then-and he let me drive it too). Joe sums it up best when he said yesterday: "That was a sweet truck." I guess if we start having withdrawals-myself included-we can go test drive a brand new one on date night???


Mikaela said...

Sorry you had to get rid of your's the sacrifices men make for their family to ride in comfort, eh?! That's great about the Sienna...Nichole has one...actually so do like 4 of my siblings, and they all LOVE them. They're so I'm glad you have something your kids will fit in a little better. Does that mean Joe will be driving your camry?

Em and Ms said...

Ha ha, what a great tribute to your truck. Matt had a little truck our last year at BYU and he still misses it. We had to sell it because his company here provides him with a truck, but he misses that one. You'll love having the extra space of a minivan I'm sure.

Ashley Harris said...

Fun stuff! Mini van woman. Enjoy it!