Monday, March 16, 2009

Weather..and Basketball

It seems that wherever I have been-sunshine is not. Last Thursday I hitchhiked to Washington with my sister from Utah to visit my mom and dad..grey weather the entire time I was there. When I talked to my hubby he said they had sunshine and warm weather...when I arrived home guess what-rain and more grey clouds. It seems that where arin goes grey follows-at least when it came to my traveling this past weekend. I do not mind grey as long as it's rainy as well-it's kind of mysterious to me, so I rather find it fascinating. I just don't like it w/out the rain or snow. It's seems meaningless. Enough about that-I am sure you are all completely bored by now-so I will move onto something else..College Basketball. I had to post my picks for the Championship game--Kind of crazy since I went with who I wanted to win-not who I think will win. So here goes-My final 4 are: WakeForest, Connecticut, Villanova and Gonzaga. 3/4 are teams that I always root for every year-so why not put them in the final four, HUH?? I am just going to be a loyal fan and put them where I hope they end up. Who cares if they aren't ranked #1-I like those teams so I am taking the risk. My championship game teams are Villanova and Conn-with Conn winning-a little less riskier pick. But there it is. I hope everyone else is picking teams based on loyalty and not bandwagons. It is going to be a lot of fun to watch it all play out-Joe, his brother, his wife, our nephew, and I all have picked different winners-so the tension might get a little crazy in phone conversation over the next few weeks-which makes it all the more fun. I can't wait for this weekend!!!